Arbor Acres Plus

The cornerstone of the Arbor Acres brand is the highly successful Arbor Acres Plus.

The Plus is bred to produce chicken efficiently through consistent parent performance, excellent broiler performance and good processing yield.

Customers around the world are placing the Arbor Acres Plus because of its highly competitive position. Hatcheries, whose main business is to sell day old chicks, can profit from a high number of saleable chicks produced by the parent stock, even in testing environmental conditions. The broiler farmer will profit from the excellent growth rate, feed conversion and livability of the Arbor Acres Plus broiler. In markets where broilers are still mostly sold whole, the conformation of the breast is sure to attract the consumers' attention.


The Arbor Acres Plus is available as a fast-feathering (Arbor Acres Plus) or slow-feathering (Arbor Acres Plus S) bird.

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