9 Aug 2022

Aviagen Asia Demonstrates Commitment to Vietnamese Poultry Market

Company launches Vietnamese website, engages in Ildex tradeshow in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam Webinar Panelsts on left, Aviagen team at Ildex on rightBANGKOK, Thailand. – Aviagen® Asia is committed to poultry producers in Vietnam, which is an increasingly important market. The company was recently involved in two events to demonstrate this commitment and contribute to the success of Vietnamese chicken farmers.

Introducing…new Aviagen Vietnamese website

On July 26, Aviagen Asia hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Vietnamese Poultry Association (VIPA) to launch the new Aviagen Vietnamese website, with tools and documents offered in the Vietnamese language. The event saw a high attendance from poultry professionals throughout Vietnam. Dr. Ting Lu, Aviagen Technical Transfer Manager, presented an overview of the current Vietnamese literature and plans for future beneficial material.

Dr. Somchit (Ming) Sooncharernying, Senior Nutritionist for Aviagen Asia, also took the opportunity to discuss a current topic with widespread interest in the country – how to optimize flock nutrition in times of high ingredient prices – a conversation that was popular with the audience. The session ended with a question-and-answer session led by Michael Chau, Commercial Support and Technical Service Manager for Aviagen Asia Pacific. The entire session was simultaneously translated to provide the greatest interaction and understanding.

Chau commented, “As a native of Vietnam, the initiative to provide translated material and presentations in Vietnamese is something I am very passionate about. The market in Vietnam has many independent farmers, and the ability to reach them in their native language demonstrates Aviagen’s commitment to building a long-standing relationships with the local industry.”

Visit our Vietnamese Page at https://ap.aviagen.com/language-mini-site/show/vn.

Ildex Vietnam – First Asia Pacific exhibition since 2019

Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® teams were excited to be part of Ildex Vietnam 2022 in Ho Chi Minh, the first in-person poultry trade show to take place in Asia Pacific in three years. Native Vietnamese translators were on hand at the Aviagen booth to facilitate smooth communication and collaboration between Aviagen and their esteemed visitors. Taking place on Aug.3, the show featured more than 200 stands and an expected attendance of over 9,000 industry professionals.

“It is wonderful to be back face-to-face with our clients and the farmers who rely on our birds on a daily basis. The enthusiasm we have seen has been exceptionally rewarding, and we look forward to deepening our industry connections as we attend more tradeshows in the region. We see these events as invaluable opportunities to discuss ways to optimize Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross performance, efficiency and welfare with customers in their home countries,” said Dr. Rafael Monleon, Business Manager, Aviagen Asia-Pacific.

Aviagen breeding stock goes from strength to strength in Vietnam and Asia

Aviagen Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross birds are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam and throughout the continent due to their environmental hardiness, livability and vitality. Vietnamese farmers benefit from the reproductive performance of breeders, and the healthy growth rate combined with high meat yield at the broiler level.

Moreover, sustainable food production to meet the needs of a growing population is becoming a high priority. Aviagen is committed to “breeding for welfare and sustainability,” and through balanced breeding, has been able to consistently advance bird welfare, feed efficiency and performance simultaneously. Feed efficiency is a key driver of sustainability, Over the past 50 years, Aviagen has achieved a 1.5 to 2-point-per-year FCR improvement, yielding a 1% reduction in the annual carbon footprint of the global poultry industry. Aviagen balances welfare with feed efficiency and global food security because we care about our customers and want to provide everything they need to put a reliable source of healthy food on the tables of families around the globe.

“Our continued selection for chick output, FCR and robustness makes our brands ideal for the expanding Vietnamese market, whether that be in sophisticated environmentally controlled housing or in lower-investment scenarios. We maintain a broad and diverse genetic pool and keep a close pulse check on the Asian market. That way we are poised to quickly respond as market needs evolve,” added Monleon. “We are seeing breeder results of 170 chicks to 64 weeks of age and the broilers are able to perform at well over 400 European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF), even in quite challenging conditions. Our experienced customer support team and global experts help further optimize customer success by sharing the latest management innovations and collaborating with customers to solve their daily challenges.”