26 Aug 2022

Aviagen Asia Engages with Customers and Visitors at Livestock Philippines Expo

Combination Photo from Philippine Expo

Aviagen’s corporate value of “breeding for welfare and sustainability” helps enhance the businesses of Asian farmers as they work to produce a vital food source.

BANGKOK, Thailand. – The Aviagen® Asia Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® teams enjoyed welcoming customers and visitors to booth G24 at Livestock Philippines 2022, which took place Aug. 24-26 at the World Trade Center, Manila. Aviagen engaged with show attendees on the theme of “breeding for welfare and sustainability.” Welfare and sustainability go hand in hand, and through a balanced breeding approach, Aviagen advances the health and welfare of its breeds, while also improving performance and sustainability qualities such as a healthy growth rate, livability, meat yield, feed efficiency and environmental hardiness.

At the show, Dr. Daniel Gomes, Brand Manager for Indian River in Asia Pacific, spoke on the topic, “Securing the supply of quality breeding stock.” Demand for Aviagen birds is increasing in the rapidly growing Philippine poultry market. Aviagen provides healthy and robust breeding stock under its three brands and implements multiple strategies to ensure a reliable supply to poultry producers throughout the whole of Asia. Both strong genetics and security of supply are vital to the businesses of poultry producers and their endeavor to feed families in Asia and throughout the world with a healthy and sustainable food source.

Also important to economic sustainability of Asian poultry producers is Aviagen’s commitment to “global reach, local touch.” While Aviagen helps secure the supply to farmers by expanding its global supply bases, the company remains focused on meeting the needs of local customers. Their ability to optimize the genetic potential of their birds is enhanced when essential management advice and tools are available in their native languages. In recent years, Aviagen Asia has launched web pages with documents translated into Bahasa, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese, and is currently preparing Tagalog- and Bengali-based literature. (Tagalog is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the Philippines.)

Gama Foods Pvt Ltd has been growing Arbor Acres broilers and breeders for more than five years. The Aviagen Asia team met with Norman Ross Abraham, DVM, Livestock Operations Manager, at the show. “We are getting good, balanced performance on both the breeder and broiler side,” he commented. “On the breeder side, peak production, production consistency and hatchability are notable. The sturdy Arbor Acres breeder can perform even when environmental conditions are not ideal. On the broiler side, average daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio are very good. The body conformation of the Arbor Acres broiler is also perfect for the specified cuts for our further-processed products. Overall, we are very happy with Arbor Acres.”

“Aviagen Asia is committed to our customers in the Philippines and throughout Asia, working alongside them to overcome their daily challenges and provide everything they need to ensure “Zero hunger” by supplying their local communities with healthy chicken meat,” said Rafael Monleon, Business Manager, Aviagen Asia Pacific. “We valued the opportunity to meet with customers and industry colleagues at Livestock Philippines, strengthening our relationships and together discussing how “breeding for welfare and sustainability” can improve the performance, health and welfare of their birds and the success of their businesses.”