5 Oct 2022

Aviagen Asia Engages with P.B. Poultry Customers in Nepal

Photos from P.B Poulty seminar in Nepal

BANGKOK, Thailand. – The Aviagen® Asia team was pleased to share the latest broiler and breeder knowledge with P.B. Poultry Indian River® customers during a two-day seminar held Aug. 29 and 31 in Nepal. Aviagen values its business relationship with P.B. Poultry, and considers the Indian River distributor an extension of the team.

On the mornings of Aug. 29 and 31, Aviagen Asia specialists addressed broiler farmers, feed mills/suppliers and broiler producers on relevant broiler management topics, including brooding management, improving growth rate and feed conversion ratio (FCR), and optimizing feed intake through nutrition.

On Aug. 31 afternoon, 20 Parent Stock hatchery managers and poultry veterinarians participated in a session on biosecurity and male management.

Aviagen experts there to share their insight were Michael Block, Technical Service Manager, Indian River, Asia Pacific; Dr. Daniel Gomes, Indian River Brand Manager, Asia Pacific; and Dr. Venkatesh Gunasekaran, Senior Technical Service Manager – Feed & Nutrition, Aviagen India. Also leading discussions on select topics virtually were Dr. Joseph Ng, Technical Service Manager, Indian River, Asia Pacific and Dr. Jorge Villa, Regional Technical Veterinarian, Asia.

After all sessions, P.B. customers took part in lively question-and-answer discussions.

“We would like to thank P.B. Poultry for organizing these seminars in Nepal. The level of attendee participation was rewarding to the Aviagen team,” commented Dr. Gomes. “We are committed to providing P.B. Poultry customers with the latest developments in flock management to strengthen their success.”

“Our customers benefited greatly from the quality of information presented in the seminars. We appreciate the effort of the Aviagen team in planning the topics according to the needs of our customers in Nepal,” added Dr. Serene Amatya, Chairperson, P.B. Poultry.