21 Sept 2022

Aviagen Asia Strengthens “Local Touch” at IPEX 2022 in Pakistan

BANGKOK, Thailand. – The Aviagen® Asia Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® teams were pleased to meet with customers and local poultry producers, Sept. 15-17, at the International Poultry Expo (IPEX) 2022 in Lahore, Pakistan. They discussed current topics important to Pakistani farmers, as well as innovations and best practices for optimizing the performance, welfare and sustainability of Aviagen broiler breeding stock. Aviagen’s show theme of “breeding for welfare and sustainability” emphasized that welfare and sustainability go hand in hand. Through a balanced breeding approach, Aviagen advances the health and welfare of its breeds, while also improving performance and sustainability qualities such as a healthy growth rate, livability, meat yield, feed efficiency and environmental hardiness.

To deepen the understanding and effectiveness of the advice, much of the information was presented in the local Pakistani language, Urdu. Dr. Kamran Younas Chohan, Technical Service Manager for Aviagen Asia Pacific, is an Urdu speaker and greeted and engaged with attendees in their local language. Additionally, a professional translator was available to support interactions between local visitors and the wider Aviagen team.

Customizing advice to local needs

During IPEX 2022, Dr. Kamran led a special session on a subject vital to the success of Pakistani poultry growers: Managing poultry in hot and humid weather. Aviagen birds are naturally environmentally resilient, and with careful and skillful management, they can thrive in diverse climates and conditions.

Dr. Abid Ali, General Manager of Production, Zubair Feeds (Pvt) Ltd., commented on the hardiness of the Indian River bird. “The livability and environmental tolerance of our Indian River birds are exceptional, and the advice of Dr. Kamran will help us maximize these qualities.”

“It was great to catch up with our Arbor Acres representatives at IPEX Pakistan and discuss the latest trends and challenges facing our market,” added Dr. Hassan Sarosh Akram, Director of Operations, Quality Poultry Breeders. “We have a close relationship with the Aviagen Asia team, and work with them to maximize the health and performance of our birds.”

“IPEX was an ideal forum for having beneficial conversations with the Ross team and other show attendees. With their strong feed efficiency and robustness, Ross birds give us the edge we need for success in an increasingly competitive and growing market,” concluded M. Safwan Javaid Rathore, Director, Jadeed Group of Companies.

“We are committed to our Pakistani customers, and work hard to equip them with everything they need for success. We start with a continuous supply of birds with strong performance and health, and then help them get the best from their flocks with the latest field-tested knowledge,” commented Dr. Rafael Monleon, Business Manager, Aviagen Asia Pacific. “We valued this chance to get together with our customers and other important players in the Pakistani market, and will continue our quest to strengthen our service to them and all local markets in the Asia Pacific region.

Aviagen demonstrates commitment to local market, offering information, presentation in local Urdu language and tailored to local needs

Photos from IPEX Pakistan 2022

Aviagen demonstrates commitment to local market, offering information, presentation in local Urdu language and tailored to local needs