22 June 2023

Ross 308 PS Awards Honor Aviagen ANZ Customers for Remarkable Performance

Aviagen remains committed to supporting its customers and celebrating their accomplishments.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen® proudly acknowledges the outstanding achievements of its Parent Stock (PS) customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands (Oceania). The Aviagen Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) team recently celebrated the remarkable performance of these high-achieving farms during the recent Aviagen seminar in the Gold Coast, Queensland. The awards recognize farms that have reached the highest levels of egg and chick output for flocks placed in 2021 and completed in 2022. Aviagen's Ross® 308 breed has consistently delivered exceptional results globally, and the achievements of its customers in Oceania highlight the breed's strength in the region.

Michael Leahy and Tristan Nichol

Michael Leahy, MD of Aviagen ANZ (L) presenting the Gold award to Tristan Nichol, collecting on behalf of Andrew Nichol, Redbank Poultry, AU

Michael Roberts and Debbie Fisher

Debbie Fisher (R) presenting the Silver Award to Michael Roberts, National Breeder Manager, Tegel Foods Ltd, NZ

Michael Leahy and Muhannad Juma

Michael Leahy (L) presenting the Bronze Award to Muhannad Juma, Farming Operations Manager, Ingham Enterprises Ltd, NZ

Overcoming the challenges posed by the recent COVID-19 restrictions on people and movement, these farms demonstrated resilience and achieved remarkable flock performance.

Michael Leahy, Managing Director of Aviagen ANZ, commented “We were delighted to see a very strong field of high performing PS flocks. The impressive egg and chick numbers reflect the value of the Ross 308 genetics, coupled with exceptional management skill and favorable growing conditions in the ANZ region. We look forward to continuing to see year-on-year improvement in PS flock performance.”

And the winners are…

Please join us in congratulating the top performers for 2022 in the categories of total eggs per hen housed (TE/HH) and total chicks per hen housed (Ch/HH), both at 60 weeks of age. (Note: The Performance Objective (PO) for the Ross 308 at 60 weeks is 174.1 total eggs and 143.9 total chicks.)

Award Company, Location TE/HH % of PO
Gold Redbank Poultry, Tasmania 202.08 116%
Silver Tegel Foods, New Zealand 198.08 114%
Bronze Ingham Enterprises, New Zealand 194.00 111%
Highly Commended Goodman Fielder International, Fiji 188.05 108%
Award Company, Location Ch/HH % of PO
Gold Redbank Poultry, Tasmania 169.56 118%
Silver Tegel Foods, New Zealand 168.01 117%
Bronze Ingham Enterprises, New Zealand 163.58 114%

Debbie Fisher, Technical Services Manager, ANZ, congratulated 2022’s top performers and emphasized the importance of celebrating their achievements in the post-COVID environment. “These farms have not only managed to navigate through difficult times, but have excelled in their performance. They lead the region when it comes to achieving the best from the Ross 308.”