5 Dec 2023

Breeder Management in Focus at latest Aviagen European Conference

European customers gain key knowledge on optimizing Ross bird health, welfare and sustainability

Participants at the European Breeder Focus seminar

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen® European customers came together in the historic city of Edinburgh from Oct. 23-25 for an exclusive Breeder Focus Conference. The primary goal was to give them management insight into optimizing the health, welfare, and sustainability of their Ross® breeders.

Together, attendees explored several critical topics with the presenters, including Aviagen's latest research and development efforts, updates on breeding for welfare and sustainability, and a range of breeder management subjects. They also discussed the latest findings from European trials, highlighting Aviagen’s commitment to strengthening bird welfare through the simultaneous evaluation of various environmental variables. Global Technical Transfer offerings were also in the spotlight as an ongoing effort to empower customers with the knowledge necessary to heighten their success.

The conference brought together customers representing 20 European countries, making it a unique gathering that collectively accounted for more than half of Europe’s poultry breeder sector.

It provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to engage in dynamic discussions and receive updates on Parent Stock (PS) management, such as rearing, production and male management, nutrition, biosecurity, and practical advice on hatching egg storage.

Aviagen EPI Regional Technical Manager Sascha Kuer said: “We were proud to have our customers together here in Edinburgh, the home of Ross, for our Breeder Focus seminar 2023. It was rewarding to hear their feedback on the content quality and that they were happy for another opportunity to get together with fellow breeder growers.”

Veterinarian Stefan Weier from Rothkötter Gruppe, Germany, highlighted the importance of networking at the event. “I benefited greatly from the insight of both the speakers and my peers in the industry.”

Erik Wolterinck, General Manager, Schotman Hatcheries, The Netherlands, added: “It was interesting to learn about the genetic development of Ross birds and how efficiency can be optimized through feed and nutrition. I also appreciated the insight into market developments, particularly in slower-growing breeds.”

“Our best takeaway was to see what goes on within Aviagen, the background that we don’t normally see,” reflected John Nicholls, Flock Farmer Manager, Avara Foods, UK.

“Breeder Focus has been a resounding success in championing the success of our customers, fostering collaboration, addressing industry challenges, and building confidence in our commitment to achieving excellence in poultry breeding,” concluded Aviagen’s Stuart Thomson, Head of UK Sales & Tech/Regional Technical Manager, Northern Europe.