9 Jul 2024

“Breeding chicks for the future” featured at agri benchmark global poultry forum

Aviagen® SweChick recently sponsored the agri benchmark global forum in Seinäjoki, Finland. Agri benchmark is a network of Thünen Institute in Germany. This year the event, organized by Atria, a valued SweChick customer, brought together 250 poultry, pig, beef and sheep researchers and industry representatives from 24 countries. The forum was opened by Finland’s minister of agriculture Sari Essayah.

Magnus Swalander, Global Vice President of Products, Aviagen, and Managing Director of Aviagen SweChick, shared his expertise and participated in a panel discussion. Sustainability was a key theme, and Magnus highlighted the role of the primary breeder in promoting bird health, welfare and sustainability through balanced genetic selection and innovation.

Highlights of his presentation

Aviagen is committed to investing in new technology and facilities to meet our mission of continually broadening our selection goals, prioritizing animal health, welfare, and sustainability.