27 Oct 2022

“Managing for performance” featured at Aviagen UK Broiler Roadshow

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – The Aviagen® UK Team took to the road in September to share topical industry advice with Ross® UK customers. On Sept. 26, they traveled to Leeds/Bradford, then on Sept. 27 headed south to Telford, and on Sept. 29 they moved on to the eastern port of King’s Lynn. They enjoyed engaging with more than 100 farmers, discussing practical management advice for maximizing performance, welfare and efficiency.

Speakers at UK Broiler Roadshows

There to welcome attendees at each location and provide an update on the new Ross Broiler Performance Objectives was Stuart Thomson, Head of UK Sales and Technical.

“Events like these are an important way we can reach out to our broiler growers and the wider broiler industry, meeting with them at local venues, and having conversations on topics that are important to their businesses,” said Stuart. “We look forward to another roadshow next year, and our customers will again experience a full agenda designed to help them get the best from their Ross birds.

Insights on improving breeder biologic output to optimize broiler production were presented by Niamh Molloy, Commercial and Technical Manager UK and Scandinavia, and Toby Arkell, Technical Service Manager.

UK Broiler Roadshow AttendeesThe main focus was on male broiler management as considerable efficiencies can be achieved by focusing on the male broiler. Kieron Daniels, Technical Service Manager, Broilers, explored this topic with the participants.

Feedback from attendees included that "presentations were concise and interesting with good pointers for farm teams to look at in terms of male management, especially regarding proper temperature oversight."