1 May 2023

Slovenian Company Pivka Broiler Growers Join the Ross 420 Club

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen® KFT recognizes the hard work of its customers and believes that acknowledging their achievements promotes mutual success. Recently, Aviagen KFT and Slovenian customer Pivka held a special meeting to welcome Pivka’s broiler growers to the Ross® 420 Club. This elite club is reserved for top-performing producers who reach a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 420 or greater. Karl Plut took the top award with an impressive score of 468 EPEF.

Pivka KFT Graphic

The event was attended by the managing board, production managers, and broiler growers from Pivka, along with Aviagen KFT team members – Barbara Boka, Marketing Assistant; Dejan Bosanac, Regional Technical Manager; and Krisztina Nemeth, Sales Manager. Dejan’s presentation, "From the last broiler to the end of the brooding period," offered valuable management guidance to ensure a successful transition of chicks to the next stages of production.

Jasna Perc, Pivka Assistant Production Manager, commented, "We are proud of our outstanding broiler growers. The awards prove that we are committed to our mission and that our primary focus is the care of our animals."

Dejan was impressed with Pivka's accomplishments, saying, "Despite the challenges faced by today’s producers, our birds achieve improved results year on year, and working together with the excellent farm management of Pivka, they continue to reach award-worthy heights in efficiency, sustainability and welfare."

The winners are:

Ivan Fabčič 425
Pavel Gerbec 423
Pavel Gerbec 421
Karl Plut, obj.3 436
Karl Plut, obj.1 468
Karl Plut, obj.4 444
Karl Plut, obj.5 442
Karl Plut, obj.2 438
Karl Plut, obj.3 428
Alenka Rupnik 448
Alenka Rupnik 431
Pivka d.o.o. 468