Aviagen India Customers Surpass 500 PEF Milestone as Company Launches “Ross 308 AP Achiever” Award

Mr Sandip Divekar and his family with chicks

Mr. Sandip Divekar and family, Japfa Comfeed

Udumalpet, India. – Aviagen® India customers continue to outdo their best and have recently reached a significant milestone – Performance Efficiency Factor (PEF) scores of greater than 500. In fact, many customers are seeing 400+ PEF numbers on a regular basis. (PEF is calculated with the formula: Liveability (%) X live body weight (kilograms) X 100 / age in days X Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).)

Aviagen India customers go from strength to strength

These great results and the consistent progress in Ross® 308 AP performance are due to the hard work, expert stockmanship and dedication of Aviagen India customers throughout the country. The Aviagen India customer support team is committed to these dedicated farmers, and works hand in hand with them to help optimize the genetic potential of the Ross 308 AP, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of their businesses. To encourage and reward this star broiler performance, in Q4 of 2020 the team introduced the “Ross 308 AP Achiever Award” program, and has now recognized the five initial recipients.

And the winners are…

The following table shows the first five Ross 308 AP Achievers, along with the winning PEF, Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and Daily Weight Gain (DWG):

AP Achiever Month PEF FCR DWG (grams)
Yaheya Hussain, Srinivasa Farms December 512.2 1.257 65.81
Mr. Amit, Indian Broilers December 508.4 1.390 72.44
Thuleswar Dascha, Indian Broilers November 478.5 1.433 71.92
Lokande Suresh, Baramati Agro September 470.0 1.360 68.50
Sandip Divekar, Japfa Comfeed October 451.6 1.460 69.50

“I am very happy with the Ross 308 AP bird. Because it has a healthy growth rate and good feed efficiency, it eats less and lives well. I’m looking forward to the next flock,” commented Lokande, who is a contract grower for Aviagen India’s customer Baramati Agro. “Thanks to Baramati Agro for their enthusiastic support.”

Coming soon…the “best of the best”

Aviagen will announce a new award recipient each month, and, in addition to PEF scores, will be tallying results for traits, such as daily weight gain, weight for age, FCR and liveability. The “best of the best” in these categories will then be recognized at an annual ceremony to debut in September, where top honors and awards will be presented, and a highest “Ross 308 AP Achiever” will be named.

“I congratulate all the winners for their tremendous success with Ross 308 AP broiler chicks, and am proud of their excellence in flock management and passion for their birds. Our dedicated customers deserve so much credit for the ongoing rise in performance and productivity, as well as outstanding health and welfare. They are a great example and encouragement to producers throughout India,” said Marc Scott, Business Manager of Aviagen India. “I look forward to seeing more great performance throughout the year and to honoring our top winners in September."