Aviagen Kft Hosts Webinar to Explore New Ross European Parent Stock Nutrition Specifications and Performance Objectives with Customers

KFT Webinar graphic


EDINBURGH, Scotland. – During a May 21 webinar, Aviagen® Kft was pleased to welcome customers from throughout Central and Eastern Europe to discuss the newly released 2021 European Parent Stock (PS) Nutrition Specifications and Performance Objectives for Ross® birds.

During this informative virtual event, which was held in English and Hungarian, Nicolas Neyra, Regional Technical Manager, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) delivered the introduction, while Dejan Bosanac, Regional Technical Manager, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), led a discussion on the new PS Performance Objectives, and Adam Sacranie, Senior Nutritionist, presented the latest Ross PS Nutrition Specifications. Nearly 100 poultry professionals from among Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia joined in the conversation on the new publications. A special thanks to Aviagen KFT’s Aimen Abdalla for translating the webinar for Hungarian attendees.

PS Nutrition and Performance Objectives go hand in hand

The new PS Nutrition Specifications and Performance Objectives work together to reach optimum reproductive performance, optimal early development, chick quality, livability and other aspects of bird health and well-being. The Specifications give the precise nutritional balance needed to grow healthy, robust birds at each stage of development, while the Objectives reflect ongoing improvement in the genetic potential and resulting field performance of Ross birds. Using this document, customers can benchmark their performance against the PS standards.

“Our aim for the new Performance Objectives and Nutrition Specifications is to help our customers throughout the region achieve the absolute best in bird health and productivity”, remarked Dejan Bosanac. “We were very happy with the level of interest and engagement in this webinar, and have found the virtual format to be a popular and efficient format for bringing together a broad audience of professionals, especially during the current pandemic.”