5th Aviagen Brazil Parent Stock Awards Celebrate Ross 308 AP Breeder Excellence

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Ross® 308 AP breeder performance continues to soar, thanks to the bird’s excellent genetic potential, combined with the skill and dedication of Aviagen Brazil producers. Over the past two months, the Aviagen® Latin America team has honored 13 poultry companies across Brazil with Parent Stock awards for total eggs and chicks per hen housed at 66 weeks of age.

And the winners are...

We are proud to announce our recent Ross 308 AP Breeder Excellence award winners:

Total eggs per hen housed

Region Place Company Result
National Gold – 1st Granja Pinheiros 217.8
  Silver – 2nd Lar Cooperativa 214.7
  Bronze – 3rd Aurora Coop 213.0
Southern Region Gold – 1st Granja Pinheiros 217.8
  Silver – 2nd Lar Cooperativa 214.7
  Bronze – 3rd Aurora Coop 213.0
Southeast Gold – 1st Granja Brasília 209.5
  Silver – 2nd Grupo Alvorada 208.8
  Bronze – 3rd Ad’Oro 205.9
Central/West/North/Northeast Gold – 1st Natto Alimentos 210.0
  Silver – 2nd São Salvador Alimentos 206.3
  Silver – 2nd Mauricéa Alimentos 206.1
  Silver – 2nd Pluma Cassilândia 205.9
  Bronze – 3rd Gujão 205.4
  Bronze – 3rd Natto Alimentos 205.0


Total chicks per hen housed

Region Place Company Result
National Gold – 1st Lar Cooperativa 177.9
  Silver – 2nd Granja Pinheiros 172.2
  Bronze – 3rd Mauricéa Alimentos 170.6
South Gold – 1st Lar Cooperativa 177.9
  Silver – 2nd Granja Pinheiros 172.2
  Bronze – 3rd Aurora Coop 168.9
Southeast Gold – 1st Granja Brasília 166.9
  Silver – 2nd Ad’Oro 164.9
  Bronze – 3rd Granja Neto 163.0
  Bronze – 3rd Rivelli Alimentos 162.6
Central/West/North/Northeast Gold – 1st Mauricéa Alimentos 170.6
  Silver – 2nd Mauricéa Alimentos 164.3
  Bronze – 3rd São Salvador Alimentos 163.3

“Our Awards have become a tradition in Brazil,” commented Aviagen's Operations Director in Brazil, Leandro München.

“We are proud of our customers and of these exceptional results, which are owing to the superior genetics of the Ross 308 AP and the commitment of our customers,” added Aviagen's Technical Services Manager in Brazil, Marco Aurélio Romagnole de Araújo.

“We congratulate the winning companies, many of which are repeat winners, which is truly impressive. Demand for the Ross 308 AP continues to grow in Brazil, as it is a breeder that meets the demands of the Brazilian market,” concluded Aviagen's Commercial Manager in Brazil, Luiz Mansano.

Words from the winners

The Ross Awards 2022 were enthusiastically received by the winning companies (in alphabetical order):

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: AdOroAd’Oro
“I'd like to congratulate Aviagen on the awards event, which is very important for the poultry chain because it encourages teams to strive for better results. This helps the companies, as more chicks and total eggs per hen housed result in greater profitability. The entire Ad'Oro team was delighted with the recognition. Aviagen has helped Ad'Oro achieve significant results. We are looking forward to further excellent results in the coming editions!” ~ Fabio Vansan, Breeder Production and Hatchery Manager, Ad'Oro

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Aurora CoopAurora Coop
“This is an award of great importance, as it measures how important and essential the work done by everyone involved in the process is. It's gratifying to know that our work is recognized and shows us that we are capable of achieving even greater goals. All employees worked with competence, determination and focus to achieve the desired levels of performance, and for all the processes to reach the expected standard of quality, thus achieving excellence. The credit must go to everyone who participated, directly and indirectly, in the process. The importance of genetics in our company is very great and the Aviagen team shares the responsibility with us of always seeking the best results, showing all the genetic potential and passing on all the management knowledge, through a solid relationship with Aurora Coop.” ~ Wendy Sander Bresolin, Poultry Production Manager, Aurora Coop

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Granja BrasiliaGranja Brasília
“We are delighted to receive this award, as it shows the great potential of Ross genetics and the great work of our team. Aviagen provides us with an extremely high-performance bird, with great support, and our team continues to be prepared for genetics in results. Congratulations to Aviagen and the team, as well as our collaborators at Granja Salomé! We hope to receive many more awards, with this great harmony between everyone!” ~ Delcio Santos, General Manager, Granja Brasília

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Granja NetoGranja Neto
This award crowns the work, commitment and dedication of everyone, in a year of very positive results in various aspects, culminating in this award. The Ross 308 AP is very important for our results, a bird that has excellent productivity and a team that spares no effort to advise us whenever requested. We thank them all.” ~ João Marcelo Alves, Production Manager, Grupo Neto

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Granja PinheirosGranja Pinheiros
“For Granja Pinheiros, this was an important award, as it is the fruit of our work in 2022. We've been winning awards for a number of years now and, fortunately, this year we won the coveted first place in the country for total eggs per housed female. In the future, with the construction of a new hatchery, our aim now is to also win first place in total chicks per bird housed.” ~ Diego Migliavacca, agricultural manager, Granja Pinheiros

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Grupo AlvoradaGrupo Alvorada
“I would like to thank Aviagen for the great collaboration and for the Ross 308 AP, which has great genetic potential and provides us with excellent zootechnical results. In addition, the Aviagen team provides constant support in nutrition, breeder management, hatchery and management training. I believe that this award is a combination of factors that, taken together, show the excellent work of the Alvorada Group -- a dedicated, committed team that loves what they do and manages to extract the maximum genetic potential from the breeder. This award motivates us to work harder and better to always achieve great results!” ~ André Pessamilio, Production Director, Grupo Alvorada

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: GujaoGujão
“Winning this award is of fundamental importance to us at Gujão, because we can see the growth in our results compared to other companies in the region. This award in particular caps off a year of excellent results. It's an achievement by several areas and employees, as well as the Aviagen team and genetics, which have allowed us to increase our participation from one to six flocks a year.” ~ Emmanuel Fonseca Menezes, Administrative Manager for Breeding and Hatchery, Gujão

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Lar CooperativaLar Cooperativa
“The Aviagen award reflects the dedicated work and commitment of the team responsible for caring for the birds throughout the cycle, as well as the certainty that the investments made in Lar Cooperativa's high-tech structures have enabled us to obtain excellent results. In terms of zootechnical results, Lar has been able to perform with excellence, and this award proves that. Aviagen's genetics have stood out in production with extraordinary results, certainly the result of genetic evolution combined with the excellent work of the company's service teams and its clients.” ~ Irineo da Costa Rodrigues, CEO, Lar Cooperativa

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Mauricea AlimentosMauricéa Alimentos
“Mauricéa's multiple regional awards, with two leading flocks in the total chicks per hen housed category and another flock in total eggs per hen housed, as well as the outstanding 3rd national position in total chicks per hen housed is of fundamental importance, so that together, the company, the entire team and the supplier (Aviagen) can follow a path of success. Thank you Aviagen for the award.” ~ Luciano Simões, Production Director, Mauricéa Alimentos

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Natto AlimentosNatto Alimentos
“Winning first and third places in the Midwest, Northeast and North regions in the total eggs per hen housed category is the result of relentless teamwork. I would like to thank the entire Natto team for their dedication and also Aviagen for showing us the genetic potential of Ross 308 AP.” ~ Marcos Notaro, owner, Natto Alimentos

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Pluma CassilandiaPluma Cassilândia
“The award motivates our team, which is largely responsible for our results. Ross genetics are fundamental, through teamwork, in which Pluma Cassilândia acts by providing all the conditions so that the birds can express their maximum productive potential and the genetics can do their job. In this scenario, Aviagen's customer service team is important at every stage, and without their guidance we probably wouldn't have been able to achieve such good results.” ~ Diogo de Lima Garcia, director, Pluma Cassilândia

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Rivelli AlimentosRivelli Alimentos
“The Ross 308 AP Parent Stock award is a great motivator for the whole team and a great recognition of everyone's commitment. Despite the sector's economic challenges in 2022, the award supports everyone's work to overcome these challenges and, without a doubt, we wouldn't have achieved the result without the contribution of the entire team involved. In addition, Aviagen's genetics have provided significant gains in productivity and quality year after year, as well as the customer service team that shows us how to maximize all the potential that the bird can offer.” ~ Alberto Rocha, general manager, Rivelli Alimentos)

LA Ross Parent Stock Award Winners: Sao SalvadorSão Salvador
“A moment of recognition, where Ross 308 AP birds worked perfectly: healthy day-old chicks, facilities/environment, biosecurity, management and nutrition meeting the genetic potential! And always with the employees doing, following and collaborating with the protocols. The award is the moment when everyone, Aviagen and SSA, celebrates the success of the results! The award is an achievement for everyone involved and Aviagen has been with us on this journey, from sending breeders to guiding the team. Congratulations to the Aviagen team.” ~ Roberto Moraes, Technical Director, São Salvador Alimentos