Aviagen Allies with Stakeholders to Bring Essential Advice to Producers in Dominican Republic and Panama

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America had a productive and rewarding week from April 10-14, as they teamed up with important poultry industry stakeholders to bring cutting-edge management practices and insights to poultry producers in Panama and the Dominican Republic. Their supply chain co-hosts for these seminars represent the backbone of the Latin American poultry industry, providing animal health, nutrition, feed, and other indispensable products and services that promote the health, growth, and performance of poultry flocks.

Beneficial and relevant topics

Accomplished Aviagen specialists spearheaded a series of highly informative management sessions at both events, sharing valuable knowledge and expertise on a range of essential topics. These included “Parent Stock (PS) female management” led by technical service manager Luis Pachón, “PS male management” by technical service manager Rodrigo Cisoto, and “Broiler management in the critical first two weeks of a chick’s life," presented by technical service manager Marcus Briganó. The audience also benefited from the in-depth expertise of Senior Poultry Veterinarian Specialist Jose Bruzual on the pertinent issue of Mycoplasma. This bacterium poses a significant threat to flocks as it causes respiratory diseases and is resistant to certain types of antibiotics. Bruzual discussed effective ways to prevent this latent threat from endangering flocks.

Growing together in Panama

On April 10 and 11, the Latin American team hosted 120 valued customers in Las Guías de Antón, Panama, collaborating with Boehringer Ingelheim, Carval, Chore-Time, Cid Lines, Interagro, Petersime, PIS, Premex, Safeeds and SAN Vet. This marks the fourth event these industry colleagues have organized together, and they celebrated their journey with the theme: “Growing together.”

Group photo of participants outside the venue

Strengthening the industry in Dominican Republic

After the Panama meeting, the delegation of speakers traveled north to the Dominican Republic. During April 13 and 14, together with Ross® Grandparent Stock (GPS) customer Pollo Cibao, Phibro, and Insapec, Aviagen engaged with 100 poultry producers at the Dominican Poultry Industry Seminar in Santiago de los Caballeros.

Participants at workshop watch the presentation

Jorge Amado, Head of Technical Services for Aviagen CAME affirmed, “We at Aviagen are fully committed to our valued customers in the Dominican Republic and Panama – two nations that hold significant strategic importance in the rapidly growing poultry meat industry. We strive to provide unparalleled support and service to our esteemed clients in these regions with an optimistic outlook and promising future”. He also emphasized the crucial role of knowledge sharing in the success of their customers. “We recognize the indispensable importance of the latest management information to empower our customers to achieve their desired outcomes. Therefore, together with our industry colleagues, we have selected an extensive agenda of highly relevant topics to equip producers with the best-possible resources to enhance their operations.”