Aviagen Announces $51 Million Investment to Increase PS Production Capacity in Brazil

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Aviagen strengthens supply and service amid rising demand for sustainable, healthy Ross 308 AP birds

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® maintains its journey of growth and expansion in Latin America, where the poultry market continues on an upward trend in production and revenue. The company today announced another investment of $51 million US dollars ($250 million Brazilian Reais) project to ramp up Parent Stock (PS) production capacity in Brazil, the world’s largest chicken meat exporter. Nominated Expansion Project 4, this project brings Aviagen’s Brazil investments over the past five years to $102.5 million US dollars ($510 million Reais), and will add 4 million PS per year to the current production capacity.

The project will include the construction of a new Grandparent (GP) poultry breeding farm in the state of São Paulo (SP); the expansion of existing hatcheries in Carambeí, Paraná (PR) and Rio Claro (SP); a new litter (for house bedding) production factory and the renovation of an existing feed processing facility in Itaí (SP). The new farm will put to use the industry’s most advanced equipment, features and controls to optimize bird environments, and innovative single-stage incubators will maximize hatchery productivity.

Ivan Pupo Lauandos"With our recent robust investments, we are able to keep pace with a thriving demand for Ross® 308 AP birds in Brazil and throughout Latin America. Due to excellent performance, health and welfare qualities at both the broiler and breeder level, Ross 308 AP continues to soar in popularity. Aviagen is committed to securing the supply of premier breeding stock so our customers can provide their communities with sustainable, affordable, and nutritious chicken meat,” said Ivan Pupo Lauandos, President of Aviagen Latin America.

Strategic investments in Brazil

Aviagen has enjoyed a story of growth and success in a country where the poultry industry is reaching significant relevance in the last decades as a major chicken meat exporter and 2nd chicken meat producer worldwide.

To keep up with an every-increasing demand while strengthening service and support to producers, Aviagen has invested significantly to establish new facilities and expand and upgrade existing ones. New hatcheries, farms, feed processing facilities and a laboratory number among its recent investments.

In 2019, Aviagen increased production with two Grandparent farms in Capinzal and Caçador (SC), as well as a GP hatchery for PS chick production in Carambeí (PR), in the Expansion Project 2 (South Complex).

In 2021, in the Expansion Project 3, the company allied with Grupo Alvorada to establish a PS production farm in the state of São Paulo, with an annual capacity of 2.1 million Ross 308 AP birds.

More recently, Aviagen announced that it will build another GGP farm in Sarutaiá (SP), and this year completed 15 years of acquisition of Agroceres Ross assets and independent operations in the poultry genetics market in Brazil.