Aviagen Begins Construction on New Grandparent Farm in São Paulo state, Brazil

Aviagen Latin America Team signing contract

With a capacity of 3.8 million Parent Stock per year, the farm will boost production to meet the high demand of a thriving region

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America is proud to announce that it has commenced construction on a state-of-the-art grandparent farm in Santo Antônio da Alegria, São Paulo (SP), as per a contract signed in early October. Built by renowned construction company Novac Construtora, the farm will produce Parent Stock, not only for Brazil, but also for the Latin America region.

Latin America is a vital market for poultry, and is becoming increasingly important in guaranteeing global food security. Aviagen remains steadfast in its commitment to food safety and security – and the need for the popular Ross® 308 AP bird is soaring in the region. This project is an integral part of Aviagen's extensive R$ 250 million investment in Brazil, underscoring the company’s dedication to expanding its presence in this strategic region; furthermore, investments in other Latin American operations continue to grow.

Significant increase in production capacity

By 2025, when the facility is fully operational, customers can anticipate an additional 3.8 million Ross 308 AP birds annually, surpassing the current capacity. Spanning 365 hectares and featuring eight carefully designed sheds, the farm was planned from the ground up for excellence in biosecurity, environmental sustainability, technological advancement and energy optimization.

Leandro München, Aviagen's Operations Director in Brazil, highlighted the innovative approach to bird health and environmental control, stating, “In the field of engineering, we have redefined our construction model to enhance bird health and environmental control. We have introduced groundbreaking ventilation and air renewal concepts, along with new construction technologies that streamline handling during batch intervals.”

Advancing technology on the farm

The new farm will be equipped with cutting-edge technology for pathogen research and diagnostics, complemented by an information technology package featuring intelligent video monitoring and total digital access control throughout the premises. Notably, wastewater control will undergo a significant transformation, with forward-thinking investments to revolutionize the process.

München further emphasized the company's commitment to data-driven decision-making, automation of various processes, and enhanced bird welfare. “We are expanding the automation of feeding, weighing, and grading, providing greater well-being for the birds. All these measures make the process safer and more efficient, allowing us to offer the market a safe and highly efficient product.”

Aviagen's President of Latin America Ivan Lauandos affirmed the company's commitment to ongoing investment to meet a growing demand for the Ross 308 AP bird. “A combination of performance advantages at the Parent Stock, broiler and production level has led to steady progress in bird health, welfare and biological performance. The farm’s innovative features have strengthened biosecurity and reduced environmental impact. Aviagen, not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America, continues to invest heavily. The new and modern grandparent farm, considered the 'state of the art' in technology, mainly in terms of biosecurity, completely closed (rearing and production) and will also feature the most modern environmental equipment. This new investment in Brazil, as well as those already made in Colombia, Peru and Argentina, demonstrate the region’s priority for Aviagen in global terms,” he stated.

Rewarding challenge for Novac

The project marks a pivotal alliance with Novac Construtora. Guto Negrão, Founder and CEO of Novac Construtora, remarked, “Novac Construtora is committed to dedicating 100% of our efforts to this project, as it is precisely this type of project that drives us forward. The challenge of the project is the buildings to be built simultaneously in a relatively short period. To face this challenge, Novac will take advantage of its vast experience in planning and management, with the aim of ensuring that the established schedule is strictly followed.”

Aviagen Latin America's expansion demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, welfare and supplying global communities with a healthy source of protein.