Aviagen Commemorates 25-year Collaboration with Cialne at global Executive Management Board meeting in Brazil

Group Photo at EMB Cialne visit

Aviagen Executive Management Board together in Fortaleza, Brazil

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America recently celebrated a successful 25-year relationship with Companhia de Alimentos do Nordeste (Cialne), its valued Ross® Parent Stock (PS) multiplier/distributor in Brazilian Northeast. The team hosted a special luncheon held at the global Executive Management Board (EMB) meeting in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil. Thanks to the successful collaboration between Aviagen and Cialne, the customers from the northeastern region of Brazil have enjoyed a reliable supply of healthy Ross Parent Stock birds. Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen and all Aviagen regional Presidents were in attendance at the luncheon to recognize this valued collaboration.

According to Ivan Lauandos, President of Aviagen Latin America, "Cialne and Aviagen share a common commitment to securing the supply of quality breeders to producers in northeastern Brazil. Supply that feeds families throughout our country with a sustainable and nutritious protein. Since our strategic alliance began in 1998, Cialne has been a loyal and important customer, and our work together has been marked by growth and success."

Group Photo at EMB Cialne visit

Jan Henriksen, Dico Carneiro Neto, Ludmila Carneiro da Silveira and Ivan Lauandos

The alliance between Aviagen and Cialne has proven to be a productive and fruitful one, with both companies committed to providing quality breeders to producers in northeastern Brazil. Aviagen's ongoing commitment to this region and its emphasis on animal welfare and sustainability will ensure that the collaboration continues to thrive and contribute to the global poultry industry's success.

Holding the annual EMB meeting in Brazil highlights Aviagen's commitment to this strategically important Latin America region, which has seen ongoing growth and success in the global poultry landscape. During the meeting, Aviagen leaders discussed the long term direction of the company and the role that animal welfare and sustainability play and will continue to play in shaping this direction.

About Cialne

Founded in Brazil in 1966 by Francisco de Araújo Carneiro (Dico Carneiro), Companhia de Alimentos do Nordeste (Cialne) is a food company focused on the poultry industry. It generates close to 1,200 direct jobs for the region. Headquartered in Fortaleza with 27 production facilities and a chicken production around 70 million broilers per year, Cialne places Ross 308 AP GPS birds and supply PS stock to customers in North and Northeast of Brazil, as well as selling hatching eggs and live birds in other Brazilian states. It is the only company in Northeast of Brazil that operates GPS farms.