Aviagen Continues Central American Journey of Vital Knowledge Sharing

Gapesa and Pilgrim's customers in Mexico City

In collaboration with supply chain colleagues, Latin American team holds seminars throughout Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America continues its mission to bring relevant and updated poultry management advice to its customers throughout Central America. On Sept 12-14, in collaboration with supply chain colleagues PIS and Safeeds, the team met with 120 Grandparent Stock and Parent Stock customers of Gapesa and Pilgrim’s in Mexico City, Mexico. On Sept. 18 and 19, they traveled south to San Jose, Costa Rica, welcoming 60 guests of customer CMI-SC. They then headed to Panama City, Panama, on Sept. 21 and 22, again meeting with 60 CMI-SC customers and covering important subjects to the success of Central American breeder and broiler growers. To lead these events, they teamed up with PIS, Phibro and Interagro.

Seminar attendees in Costa Rica

Jorge Amado, head of Technical Services for Aviagen Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME), elaborated on Aviagen’s goals for the events. "In these seminars, our primary objective is to deeply connect with our valued customers, providing a platform for dialogue and understanding. For Aviagen, these interactions go beyond sharing knowledge; they represent an opportunity to fortify our bonds with the heart of the local Central American poultry community.”

Seminar attendees in Panama

Full agenda of beneficial topics

Meeting topics were tailored to the specific needs of poultry farmers in each region. For the Grandparent Stock (GPS) customers in Mexico, discussions focused on giving the best care to high-generation breeders. For all three events, male and female Parent Stock (PS) and broiler management were important agenda items. The groups also explored the latest in nutrition, environmental control, disease prevention, hatching egg management and control processes, avian influenza (AI) prevention, and intestinal health.

Discussions ranged from the critical control points of the incubation process and the significance of optimal management from placement to 14 days of age, to challenges like locomotion and metabolic issues, as well as the often-neglected topic of "water, the forgotten nutrient." As AI remains a continued challenge in Central America and worldwide, a significant portion of the conversations were dedicated to biosecurity and prevention strategies.

Drawing the sessions to a close in Panama, Amado reflected, "It's been an enriching experience to meet with our valued customers and their local producers. We understand that knowledge is key to their success, and it is fulfilling to share our field- and research-based knowledge to enhance the welfare and performance of their flocks and the bottom lines of their businesses. Our seminars are intended to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration, driving forward the Latin American poultry industry."

During all sessions in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean hosted in 2023, Aviagen has engaged with more than 2,000 guests. “This is an impressive number, and it is satisfying to know that these knowledge-sharing events have had such a wide reach. Stay tuned to learn more about our rich agenda of meeting plans for the region in 2024,” said Fabio Carnevale, Marketing Manager for Aviagen Latin America.