Aviagen Engages with Poultry Producers at Mexico’s Virtual Senaproa 2021

Jorge Amado and Javier Alvarado

Experts offer advice on effective practices during hatch and for effective male management

CAMPINAS, Brazil – On June 17, the Parent Stock Sector of the National Poultry Association of Mexico will sponsor Senaproa 2021, a virtual symposium for poultry producers throughout Mexico. At this Spanish-language event, Aviagen® Head of Technical Service for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME) Jorge Amado and Javier Alvarado, Technical Service Manager for the same region, will offer their knowledge on optimal care in specific areas to maximize bird welfare, health and performance.

Alvarado will focus on effective management for quality hatching eggs, taking into consideration, light programs, feeding and nutrition and flock uniformity, along with egg temperature, and collection and disinfection. In addition, Amado will explore key aspects in male management – breeding and production. He will emphasize important factors during the rearing phase of reproductive males for good skeletal development and the best-possible uniformity.

“The success of our growers in Mexico is important to us, and Senaproa 2021 will give us a valuable opportunity to share with them the latest developments to help them get the most from their Ross eggs and chicks,” explained Amado.

Amado added, “We look forward to this opportunity to engage with our Mexican producers and give our advice for achieving great outcomes in the early phases of bird production management. Participating in Senaproa is one of many ways Aviagen supports the local poultry industry and shares best practices with our customers all over the country.”

Registration for the symposium is free and can be completed up until the time of the event at: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_MMUIGvj3SlyjIVvfPurN_g