Aviagen Expert Engages with Latin American Veterinary Specialists at AMVEAV Webinar

CAMPINAS, Brazil – On June 10, Aviagen Latin America will join veterinary specialists throughout Latin America for the 19th annual Association of Avian Veterinary Specialists of Veracruz (AMVEAV) meeting, which will take place as a virtual event this year. The purpose of the meeting is to present the latest news related to the poultry, technology and health sectors in Mexico and abroad. (Learn more here.)

Aviagen Senior Veterinarian and Regional Technical Services Manager Rodrigo Espinosa will share with participants knowledge on how to prevent metabolic diseases in broiler breeders. His presentation will focus on key factors to grow healthy, robust birds, such as controlling body weight uniformity, avoiding photo stimulation and ensuring proper feeding and nutrition.

“We’re committed to the success of the poultry industry in Latin America and beyond. Disease prevention is the key to securing the supply chain, enabling poultry producers to put food on the tables of families worldwide,” explained Espinosa.