Aviagen Highlights Link Between Bird Genetics and Nutrition at Symposium in Brazil

Brazil Team at Symposium

Aviagen Brazil team at the South Poultry Symposium in Brazil

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Global Nutritionist Emilio Cura highlighted the essential role of nutrition and genetics in broiler welfare and performance at the South Brazilian Poultry Symposium in Chapecó, Santa Catarina state, Brazil, held April 4-6 and sponsored by the West Veterinarian and Zootechnists Group (Nucleovet). Addressing an audience of 1,200 poultry professionals, Cura emphasized that good nutrition, combined with good genetics, forms the foundation for excellence in flock management results, enabling Aviagen Ross® 308 AP birds to reach their full genetic potential.

Emilio Cura

Emilio Cura, Global Nutrition Specialist

According to Cura, providing birds with optimal nutrition is crucial for ensuring their overall well-being, which in turn promotes various facets of strong welfare such as healthy growth, bone and leg health, and proper metabolism.

He also stressed the importance of providing birds with easy access to clean, high-quality water and proper lighting stimulation, which impacts their feeding and watering habits.

“Providing an ideal nutritional balance of vitamins, minerals and protein at each stage of life will optimize biological efficiency, improving feed conversion ratio (FCR). Since feed represents the greatest cost of a poultry business, an optimal FCR generates greater profit for poultry farmers, thus enhancing their ability to feed our communities in Brazil and Latin America with an affordable, healthy and nutritious food source,” shared Cura.

Aviagen's continued year-on-year improvement in feed efficiency over the past two decades has resulted in better food-to-live-weight conversion in modern broilers. Cura concluded that high-quality feed carefully formulated with the ideal balance of nutrition helps maximize efficiency while strengthening flock health, welfare, and productivity.

Aviagen – Dedicated to hospitality and customer success

For Aviagen, it is important to ensure the comfort and convenience of guests who attend their events. That’s why Aviagen Brazil, in collaboration with event sponsor Nucleovet, organized transportation to and from the symposium. The entire team was also on hand to support customers during the event. "We enjoy connecting with our customers and do our best to show them hospitality while they attend training events that are designed to promote the success of their operations,” added Aviagen Latin America’s Marketing Manager Fábio Carnevale.

“The symposium is a nice complement to our “Ross 308 AP: Eyes on Results” campaign,” commented Marco Aurélio Romagnole de Araújo. “The Ross 308 AP continues on an upward trend at both the breeder and broiler levels, including more chicks per hen housed, excellent feed conversion, livability and high meat yield. These results clearly show the superiority of the complete Ross package that we deliver to our customers, from parent stock to broiler.”