Aviagen Hosts Seminar Series to Champion Poultry Producers in El Salvador

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America is proud to announce the successful completion of its impactful seminar series held throughout El Salvador during the month of May. Aimed at empowering poultry producers and driving growth of the industry in El Salvador, the seminars brought together key industry stakeholders to explore crucial topics such as broiler nutrition, intestinal and respiratory health, and disease prevention, including Avian Influenza.

Aviagen orchestrated informative sessions in collaboration with industry allies to strengthen the ability of poultry producers in Central America to provide their communities with healthy, sustainable, and high-quality chicken meat. By sharing knowledge and expertise, Aviagen aims to help customers unlock the maximum genetic potential of their Ross® 308 AP birds, known for exceptional quality, performance, and welfare. The seminar series emphasized education and collaborative growth, enriching the poultry sector in El Salvador and supporting business success.

All three events centered on topics important to El Salvadorian farmers, with expert-led discussions including:

  • Rodrigo Cisoto, Technical Service Manager, Aviagen CAME: "Ross 308 AP breeder management"
  • Emilio Cura, Nutritionist, Aviagen: "The importance of nutrition in breeders," and "Opportunities for improvement in broiler diets"
  • Jorge Amado, Head of Technical Services, Aviagen CAME: “Male breeder management”
  • Javier Alvarado, Technical Service Manager, Aviagen CAME, "Hatching egg management"
  • Guillermo Reyes from Petersime: “Incubation optimization”
  • José Juan Bruzual, Senior Regional Veterinary Specialist, Aviagen: "How to manage metabolic origin issues in breeders" and "Broiler respiratory health"
  • Cesar Nuncira from PIS: “The importance of water, the forgotten nutrient"
  • Marcus Briganó, Technical Service Manager, Aviagen CAME & SAEB: "Optimal management to 14 days of age"
  • Juan Valladares from Phibro: "Intestinal health" and "Avian Influenza, a permanent threat"
  • Miguel Peña from PIS: "Controlled environmental management"

Jorge Amado, Senior Manager of Technical Services at Aviagen Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean (CAME), emphasized the significance of these sessions, stating, “El Salvador's poultry industry is marked by ongoing growth and development. By organizing these seminars, we demonstrate our dedication to supporting this success by offering knowledge and advice that enables farmers to achieve remarkable results with our Ross 308 AP birds."

IP-CMI Technical Seminar

Seminario IP CMITaking place in the vibrant heart of San Salvador, the IP-CMI Technical Seminar came to life with speakers from Aviagen, Phibro and PIS. The seminar drew an enthusiastic audience of 90 participants, composed mainly of influential members of Central America's thriving poultry production landscape.

Criaves/Vitali Alimentos Seminar

Criaves Vitali AlimentosBuilding on the momentum of the IP-CMI event, speakers from Aviagen, Phibro and PIS facilitated another impactful session marked by lively idea and knowledge sharing. Tailored to Criaves/Vitali Alimentos employees, this session brought together 50 poultry professionals for a comprehensive day of professional enrichment and discussion of pivotal poultry sector topics.

Incubadora Salvadoreña/Avícola Kikiriki Seminar

Incubadora SalvadorenaThe concluding seminar of the series, with speakers from Aviagen and PIS, focused on achieving excellent incubation performance, ensuring the best-possible start for Ross chicks. This session saw the participation of 30 professionals, highlighting the industry's dedication to optimizing this crucial stage of production.

Reflecting on the series, Jorge Amado remarked, "These three events presented exceptional opportunities to deliver valuable information to Salvadoran producers, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their production and profitability." The seminars underscored Aviagen's commitment to empowering poultry farmers and driving sustainable growth within the industry.