Aviagen Latin America Awards Customer Avícola Sofia for Ross 308 AP Results

Company Engages with Industry Colleagues at PANA 2022 in Bolivia

CAMPINAS, Brazil – An Aviagen® Latin America team had a full agenda during a recent trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, for the PANA 2022 poultry nutrition meeting. Apart from engaging with PANA participants, the team sponsored an attendee luncheon during the event; and recognized at a dinner valued customer Avícola Sofia. 

Rewarding excellence

Aviagen took the opportunity to award Avícola Sofia for their 2020 breeder performance of 210.8 total eggs per hen housed at 65 weeks of age with the Ross® 308 AP at a special dinner to recognize the performance achievement.

According to Jairo Agostini, Aviagen Sales Manager for Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia, the company is committed to the success of its customers, providing them with the highest-quality birds and equipping them with the knowledge and support to maximize their performance, health and welfare. “Also important to customer success is encouragement and recognition. The impressive achievement of Avícola Sofia is possible only through hard work, dedication and management skill, as well as careful attention to detail. Our customer service team collaborates closely with Avícola Sofia, listens to their concerns and provides input to help them get the best from their birds.”

Group from Aviagen and Avicola Sofia

The award ceremony was attended by the Avícola Sofia General Manager Mario Ignácio Anglarill, Livestock Division Manager Juan Carlos Anglarill and Technical Manager Jimmy Joaquin, as well as Agostini and Technical Service Managers from South America Excluding Brazil (SAEB) Santiago Lovera and Rodrigo D’Amen from Aviagen.


High engagement at PANA 2022

This year marks the fifth edition of PANA, and the meeting was divided into five days of intense lectures, knowledge sharing and relationship building. 

“At PANA 2022, we all engaged in the latest developments for enhancing the bird nourishment, while reducing feed cost, which represents 75 to 70% of production costs. Optimizing efficiency is especially important with today’s rising feed costs in Latin America and all around the world.” commented Agostini. 

He added that feed efficiency is also good for our planet. When less feed is needed to grow healthy birds, lower land resources are required to grow the feed, and waste that becomes environmental pollutants is also reduced. 

Taking place every other year, PANA brings together poultry professionals from throughout Latin America to explore the most recent themes in advanced poultry nutrition, which is essential to bird health, wellbeing and disease resistance.

Group from Aviagen and Avicola Sofia

To further promote camaraderie and networking among Latin American poultry professionals, Aviagen sponsored a luncheon at the Hotel Camino Real in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.