Aviagen Latin America Continues on a Course of Growth and Expansion

Demand for nutritious and affordable poultry meat remains strong, and Aviagen Latin America resolves to strengthen supply while promoting a sustainable future

Ivan Pupo Lauandos, President of Aviagen Latin America

Ivan Pupo Lauandos, President of Aviagen Latin America

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen®, a global poultry genetics company that sells Grandparent (GP) and Parent Stock (PS) under the Ross® and Arbor Acres® brands, continues to invest heavily in farms and hatcheries and the modernization of existing facilities in Brazil and Latin America. The strategy is to increase production capacity in response to a strong market request for quality broiler breeding stock. In Brazil alone, the company has invested R$ 62 million per year in the last years, growing in volume and revenue to continue to provide security of supply and quality support in the midst of consistent growth in the region.

The company's expansion continues at an accelerated pace, with new investments in infrastructure and modernization, aiming to ensure the availability of quality poultry breeding stock to poultry producers throughout Latin America, while improving support and service to them while breeding efficiencies that contribute to sustainable food production.

“Aviagen will keep investing to improve our production capacity due to a growing demand for the Ross 308 AP bird. The investments aim to secure the supply of high-quality birds to our customers”, explained President of Aviagen Latin America Ivan Pupo Lauandos.

Brazil – Continuous infrastructure expansion

Aviagen will move forward in Brazil by strengthening its supply of both high-generation breeding and broiler chickens. In 2022, the company plans to begin operation of a new Great Grandparent farm, likely in Sao Paulo state. Last year, Aviagen started a new production nucleus in its farm located in Natividade da Serra, Sao Paulo state. Both of these investments increased GP production and availability for the poultry market by 42.2% in the last three years.

The company will grow its production capacity as well, planning to add 2.1 million PS per year at the beginning of 2022.

“We are moving ahead with these projects, which will increase our PS production by 64% in three years, an impressive volume,” added Lauandos. Besides the new farm, Aviagen has also invested in the modernization of Luziania, Goias state, and Caçador, Santa Catarina state, both located in Brazil.

Lauandos emphasizes that, even in the midst of the current turbulent times, the poultry market remains extremely strong worldwide, as the demand for healthy chicken meat continues to rise. "For this reason, Aviagen forges ahead with its aggressive investment program in Brazil and in Latin America, even during the pandemic, since “we believe in growth of the region in the medium-long term – even in the face of these turbulent times.”

Investment throughout Latin America

The investments are not limited to Brazil: in the past two years, Aviagen has also expanded its presence in the rest of Latin America, adding new subsidiaries in Argentina, Colombia and Peru. In Peru and Colombia alone, the company has invested more than US $ 7.6 million in expanding production capacity and modernizing existing facilities.

Regarding the Aviagen Peru joint venture, the plan is to double Granja Malvinas production capacity by the end of this year; At Aviagen Colombia, the company continues its investment in a GP farm in Granja San Antonio, and it will expand the San Felipe hatchery to meet a strong demand for Ross chicks.

At Aviagen Argentina, based in the province of San Juan, PS production is planned to start in 2022.

Investing in the future to promote sustainable production

Aviagen is also committed to environmentally responsible production, and is investing in sustainable projects, including a CO2 reduction plan, resulting in environmental improvement through a balanced breeding approach.

Further reinforcing its commitment to the sustainability of the planet for future generations, Aviagen recently welcomed Gustavo Braz Vilela as Environment Coordinator for Brazil and Latin America.

“Gustavo will be a great asset in strengthening our commitment to Breeding Sustainability of our planet for our future generations. This is a core company value and is a direct response to a growing global demand for sustainable products,” concluded Lauandos.