Aviagen Latin America: Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration Shine at LPN Miami

CAMPINAS, Brazil – The International Congress on Aviculture and Animal Nutrition (LPN), held in Miami from Oct. 17 to 19 proved to be a rewarding experience for the Aviagen® Latin America team. During the event, they actively engaged with customers and esteemed industry colleagues, exchanging best practices and strengthening bonds within the Latin American poultry community.

Aviagen Latin America TeamMaximizing genetic potential

Santiago Lovera, a veterinarian and Aviagen Technical Service Manager of the South America Excluding Brazil (SAEB) region, is passionate about enhancing the success of Latin American producers. During a dedicated session, Lovera provided valuable insight into “unlocking the full genetic potential of modern chickens.”

Today’s broilers have achieved remarkable advancement in performance, health and welfare, and feed efficiency – a major driver of environmental sustainability – thanks to balanced breeding and careful management of nutrition, environmental conditions, and health. In his presentation, Lovera delved into best practices for optimizing broiler production success.

“Our challenge as poultry farmers is to realize the maximum genetic potential of these birds while ensuring animal welfare and environmental sustainability. This requires staying updated on nutrition, management, and biosecurity, maintaining excellent facilities, and, most importantly, having skilled personnel capable of understanding the birds' needs and making informed management decisions throughout the rearing process,” emphasized Lovera.

Seminar at LPN Miami ShowGrowing high-quality males

In addition to Lovera’s presentation, Jorge Amado, Head of Technical Services for the Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME) region, addressed the critical topic of “male reproductive control to sustain high fertility levels.” Effectively managing weight gain, body condition, and uniformity are essential to maintain superior fertility and hatch rates. Amado guided the audience through the multifaceted aspects of male management, including interactions between physiology, nutrition, and frequent and detailed field observations, “all of which contribute to the development of good-quality males.”

“We enjoyed our time at this year’s LPN Congress, where we had the privilege of engaging with Latin American producers in the different Latin American sub-regions that we serve, and discussing our shared journey toward ‘breeding success together.’ We work hand in hand with our customers and are truly committed to continually advancing the health, performance, and sustainability of their flocks through breeding innovation and careful flock management. This event offered the perfect platform for meaningful conversations on these vital topics,” remarked Fabio Carnevale, Marketing Manager for Aviagen Latin America.