Aviagen Latin America Takes Road Trip to Panama to Visit Valued Customers Toledano and Grupo Melo

The Aviagen team was accompanied by University of Georgia specialist Mike Czarick, together they offered advice on maximizing ventilation techniques to improve bird welfare and performance

Workshop Panama

Visits were followed by Aviagen Latin America experts team

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Proper ventilation in poultry housing is essential to air quality, and, in turn, to the health and well-being of the birds. That is why Aviagen® Latin America makes it a priority to share the latest ventilation management knowledge with its customers. During June 20-23, the team visited Toledano and Grupo Melo, both important Ross® broiler customers in Panama, to host beneficial workshops on improving ventilation performance. To complement the expertise of the Aviagen delegation that included Head of Technical Services Dr. Jorge Amado and Technical Services Manager Luis Pachón, ventilation specialist Mike Czarick from the University of Georgia in the U.S. joined the visits.

The first visit on June 20 and 21 was to vertically integrated poultry producer Toledano, where the Aviagen team was greeted by Dr. Ezequil Aguirre, Broiler Manager. Following this visit, on June 22 and 23, they traveled to Grupo Melo, where they were welcomed by Technical Manager Dr. Tomas Munoz and Broiler Manager Dr. Valentin Graell.

Meetings with both customers began with a visit to broiler farms, where Czarick and the Aviagen team made recommendations for improvement. Later at the customer offices, they presented the latest research on ventilation management and best practices. Some specific topics discussed were how to properly use cooling pads, maintain good temperature control, use water meters to monitor water consumption, and carefully watch bird behavior for the best results.

Customers express appreciation to Aviagen team

Aviagen was pleased at the positive customer responses:

Ezequiel Aguirre from Toledano commented, “We are grateful to Aviagen for the support during our visits and on a daily basis. This visit was especially beneficial, as Aviagen has helped us improve the ventilation systems of our houses, which will contribute to the well-being and productivity of our birds, said Ezequiel Aguirre, from Toledano.

“The visit was very profitable, giving us greater insight into better using our equipment for optimal bird comfort,” explained Dr. Munoz, from Grupo Melo.

Dr. Graell added, “It was a pleasure to greet our Aviagen colleagues. For us, the visit was useful, and we are already applying their recommendations to optimize our ventilation practices.”

Pachón commented the visits were equally beneficial to Aviagen, “We enjoyed our visits to Toledano and Grupo Melo and appreciate the hospitality we received from both companies. After the years of travel restrictions due to COVID, it is wonderful to again have the opportunity to meet with our valued customers, strengthen our common bonds and together find ways to enhance the welfare and performance of their birds and the economic performance of their businesses.”

“Efficient management of ventilation systems contributes to biosecurity and leads to greater bird health and productivity,” added Dr. Amado. “We were grateful for this opportunity to meet with Toledano and Grupo Melo teams and have engaging discussions on this essential topic.”