Aviagen Latin America to Meet with Customers at Southern Brazil Poultry Symposium and Poultry Fair

Rodrigo Tedesco & Barbara Vargas

Aviagen Brazil's Regional Supervisor of Technical Service Rodrigo Tedesco Guimarães will share insight on how to make house environments optimal for chick health, wellbeing, and performance; and Barbara Vargas will moderate a pre-slaughter management talk

CAMPINAS, Brazil – The team at Aviagen® Latin America looks forward to welcoming customers and visitors to the 22nd annual Southern Brazil Poultry (Brasil Sul de Avicultura) (SBSA) Symposium along with the 13th Southern Brazil Poultry Fair. Both events will take place in person April 5-7 in Chapecó, Santa Catarina state, Brazil, and will be livestreamed for those who are unable to attend.

The event will be sponsored by Nucleovet, one of Brazil’s most active organizations in sharing knowledge vital to the country’s poultry, pig and cattle industries. Aviagen and Nucleovet share the mission to bring innovation, interaction, and technology to the poultry sector. Working toward this goal, on April 6, Aviagen Brazil’s Regional Technical Services Supervisor Barbara Vargas will moderate a talk about pre-slaughter management, at 10,30am; and on April 7, Aviagen Brazil’s Regional Technical Services Supervisor and Broiler Specialist Rodrigo Tedesco Guimarães will engage event attendees on a discussion of "Heating and air quality at the beginning of a chick’s life” At 8:00am. Tedesco will explore with the audience the importance of good ventilation, air quality, and temperature control to the wellbeing of birds, focusing on tools such as minimum and transition ventilation and others.

According to Tedesco, “A properly controlled environment is vital to bird health and their ability to express their genetic potential, as well as to the economic sustainability of poultry businesses.”

Aviagen Brazil’s Technical Service manager Marco Aurélio Romagnole de Araújo commented, “We are excited to be back with our customers and industry colleagues at SBSA, exchanging ideas and experiences for optimizing the performance, health, and welfare of the Ross 308 AP bird and promoting the poultry industry in Brazil.”

Aviagen Brazil will also take the opportunity at the show to present its new marketing campaign. “Our goal for this initiative will be to demonstrate the competitive advantages of the Ross 308 AP to producers throughout Brazil and Latin America,” added Luiz Mansano, Sales Manager for Aviagen Brazil.

“While we worked hard to stay in close contact with our customers during the pandemic through webinars and other technology, nothing can replace the level of relationship-building and information-sharing that takes place during face-to-face events like SBSA, concluded Fábio Carnevale, Marketing Manager for Aviagen Latin America.

To participate in SBSA and 13th Brasil Sul Poultry Fair, please visit: https://nucleovet.com.br/simposio/avicultura/inscricao.