Aviagen Latin America Travels to Bolivia for Customer Workshop

Aviagen is committed to updating customers with the latest developments to promote bird health and secure the supply of healthy chicken meat

Participants of the customer workshopCAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America is dedicated to poultry producers throughout the region and providing them with the skills and knowledge to continually improve bird health and welfare, as well as security of supply through effective disease management.

Toward this goal, on June 21, Aviagen’s Dr. Rodrigo Espinosa, Regional Technical Service Veterinarian, and Dr. Rodrigo D’Amen, Technical Service Manager, traveled to valued customer Avicola Sofía in Bolivia to deliver an in-person avian necropsy workshop. Attending the training were Avicola Sofía Poultry Technical Manager Jimmy Joaquín and Breeder Manager Samir Khamis Moustafa, along with farm administrators and staff. Combining theory with practical training, the session covered necropsy techniques, as well as recognition of the different pathologies that can be found in these breeders.

Dr. D’Amen explained that, “Performing effective bird necropsies is critical in detecting and preventing the spread of potential flock disease outbreaks, which, in turn, helps secure the supply of a vital food source to families throughout Latin America and worldwide.”

“That is why it is paramount to help train our customers on the latest developments and best practices in necropsy examinations,” continued Dr. Espinosa. “We enjoyed seeing our friends at Avicola Sofía, and thank them for their hospitality and great engagement in the workshop.”

Jimmy Joaquin, Poultry Technical Manager from Avicola Sofía, added: “We deeply appreciated Aviagen for the important training support through its specialists in the management and health areas, who shared their knowledge to the entire technical farms team, knowledge that is widely useful for maintaining and optimizing productivity and health status from our flocks. Thank you for the training update for the entire farm team and we look forward to continuing to receive this high-level training support.”