Aviagen Management Seminar Commemorates a Decade of Success with Supergen in Peru

Supergen 10 Years

Aviagen presents plaque to Supergen representatives Enrique Palacios, Luis Buttgenbach and Rafael Valdez

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of its esteemed customer Supergen in Peru. In honor of this milestone, the Aviagen customer service team and specialists from South America except Brazil (SAEB) convened at a special seminar in May, fostering an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and innovation.

Supergen – an association between renowned breeding stock production companies Redondos, Santa Elena, Molino La Perla and Avícola Yugoslavia – has been instrumental in shaping the Peruvian poultry industry. Together with Aviagen Latin America, which supplies exceptional Ross® 308 AP Grandparent (GP) breeding stock to Supergen, they have elevated the standard of quality in Peruvian poultry production. The seminar served as a platform for Aviagen and Supergen to reinforce their commitment to excellence and further strengthen the Peruvian poultry sector and its ability to feed families in Peru and throughout South America with affordable, sustainable and nutritious poultry meat.

Vibrant knowledge exchange

The seminar proved to be a resounding success, with 65 representatives from Aviagen and Supergen engaging in spirited discussions on topics of paramount importance to the Latin American poultry sector. Covering vital subjects such as top-tier biosecurity measures to combat Avian Influenza, as well as broiler nutrition and management, the seminar fostered an environment of learning and knowledge sharing.

Supergen highlighted the pivotal role of Aviagen’s Ross 308 AP GP stock in their production process, meeting the needs of their customers for robust, high-performance breeding stock. Aviagen Latin America specialists generously shared their expertise: Regional Technical Services Supervisor and Incubation Specialist Felipe Kroetz Neto, Senior Poultry Veterinarian Specialist José Juan Bruzual, Nutritionist Emilio Cura, Technical Service Managers Rodrigo D'Amen and Marcus Briganó and Regional Technical Manager Mário Sérgio Assayag provided invaluable insights and management guidance.

Amid the camaraderie and celebration, Aviagen SAEB’s Head of Technical Services Osvaldo Bolinaga and Business Manager Luis Cesio took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the Supergen team and recognize their contributions. They presented Enrique Palacios, Luis Buttgenbach and Rafael Valdez with a special commemorative plaque to show Aviagen’s deep appreciation for the collaborative relationship that has strengthened over the past decade.

“We are incredibly proud to honor the remarkable 10-year joint collaboration between Aviagen and Supergen in Peru,” said Bolinaga. “Our collaboration with Supergen has not only contributed to the growth and success of both organizations, but has also played a pivotal role in the advancement of the Peruvian poultry industry. Aviagen remains dedicated to delivering the highest-quality breeding stock and supporting Supergen in its mission to consistently meet and exceed market demands. Together, we strive to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the Peruvian poultry industry. We wish Supergen many more decades of success and growth,” said Cesio.