Aviagen Peru hosts training to champion success of Ross poultry producers

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Peru is committed to Ross® 308 AP poultry farmers, and key to their success is sharing the latest expertise and industry developments to promote the performance, health and well-being of their birds and sustainability of their businesses.

Aviagen Peru Seminar

On Nov. 24, the team welcomed 120 Ross customers from throughout Peru to Lima, where they engaged with Aviagen Latin America and global experts on current hot topics facing Peruvian producers. After a welcome by Aviagen Peru General Manager Cesar Muro, a full agenda was presented:

  • “Biosecurity and mycoplasma/salmonella prevention” by Jose Juan Bruzual, Aviagen Senior Poultry Veterinary Technical Specialist.
  • “How to get best results during hatch” by Aline Kuntze, Aviagen Hatchery Specialist.
  • “Parent Stock (PS) and broiler nutrition update” by Emilio Cura, Aviagen's Global Nutrition Expert.
  • “Best PS management practices” by Jorge Amado, Aviagen Head of Technical Services for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME).
  • “Early management and ventilation for broilers” by Marcus Briganó, Aviagen Technical Services for CAME and SAEB (South America Excluding Brazil).
  • “Antibiotic-free management and the current market situation” by Mario Sergio Assayag, Technical Support Manager for Aviagen Latin America.

A closing message was delivered by David Salazar, Technical Manager for Aviagen Peru, and Osvaldo Bolinaga, Aviagen Head of Technical Services for South America Excluding Brazil (SAEB).

Aviagen Peru was launched in 2019 with a mission to improve PS production for the Peruvian market and better serve customers in the country. “Since then, the popularity of the Ross 308 AP has grown, as more and more Peruvian producers come to see the performance and sustainability benefits of the bird,” commented Muro.

“We were thrilled to once again meet face to face with our customers, along with our Aviagen colleagues. We are committed to the success of our Ross customers, and this workshop was a great opportunity to offer them beneficial knowledge, while strengthening our valued relationships,” added Bolinaga.