Aviagen Seminars Highlight Ecuador's Leadership in Poultry Innovation

Ecuador Experts Group Photo

Experts offered practical tools for good flock management

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Colombia proudly held two knowledge-sharing seminars in Ecuador to provide local poultry producers with recent advancements and best practices to optimize the genetic potential of the Ross® 308 AP bird. Held on Oct. 3 and 5 in the vibrant cities of Quito and Guayaquil, both events saw more than 200 attendees, all gathered to engage in important conversations on essential management advice for reaching optimal bird welfare and performance in the field.

Ecuador Experts Group PhotoThe group explored the intricacies of broiler management during the initial life stages, with a focus on strategic ventilation and lighting strategies to maximize bird welfare. They also had discussions on female Parent Stock (PS) management to enhance hatching egg quality, as well as the latest updates on male PS management to improve performance and the hatchery processes that influence the quality of day-old chicks.

According to Andrés Parra, Sales and Technical Services Manager for Aviagen Colombia, “We enjoyed meeting with our valued customers during these seminars to further strengthen our customer relationships. Aviagen is proud to play an integral part in this vibrant and innovative community.”

Parra went on to explain that poultry production is one of Ecuador's most important industries, and Ecuador is an important country for Aviagen. “We are honored to host these seminars in Ecuador, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange to enhance chick quality and welfare from day one. Such events not only empower our attendees with invaluable tools and strategies but also propel the advancements of the Ecuadorian poultry sector on the global stage.”

Rewarding excellence

During a highly productive week in Ecuador, the Aviagen team seized the opportunity to honor and celebrate outstanding achievements by two of our valued customers who have consistently demonstrated the exceptional genetic potential of the Ross 308 AP broiler breeders:

  • Avesca (Avicola Ecuatoriana) achieved a remarkable milestone of 173.5 chicks per hen housed at 64 weeks of age.
  • Pronaca achieved 166.1 chicks per hen housed at 64 weeks of age.

Fabio Perez Dorado, General Manager of Avesca, expressed his appreciation, stating, “We highly value our effective collaboration with the Aviagen team, who consistently provide us with the latest field-based developments to enhance the productivity, efficiency and welfare of our birds.”

Avesca team with awardRodrigo D’Amen, Technical Services Manager for Aviagen South America excluding Brazil (SAEB), and Mario Sergio Assayag, Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen Latin America, traveled to the Pronaca facility in Bucay to personally convey their congratulations to the dedicated team and engage in discussions on crucial industry topics. “This recognition underscores our commitment to fostering strong partnerships with customers and celebrating their remarkable achievement,” said Rodrigo D’Amen.

Pronaca team with awardDavid Pila, Pronaca Breeding Stock Manager, extended his gratitude, saying, “We are honored and delighted that Aviagen has recognized the unwavering dedication and hard work of our team. It is indeed gratifying to know that our efforts toward improved efficiency and competitiveness have been acknowledged.”