Aviagen Shares Knowledge with the Wider Latin American Poultry Community at ACAV 2022

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America enjoyed its time with customers and poultry industry colleagues during Oct. 4-6 at the 2022 Santa Catarina Association of Aviculture (ACAV) symposium. The annual gathering is an important event on the Aviagen calendar, and the company has been a sponsor since its inception. The Aviagen team engaged with participants on the latest practices for achieving best results in incubation, nutrition and production with the Aviagen Ross® 308 AP bird.

Hatching and chick quality
Aviagen’s Regional Supervisor of Technical Service and Incubation Specialist Felipe Kroetz Neto addressed a special audience on hatching efficiency and chick quality. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the right temperature in all incubation processes, including the egg room, transportation, pre-heating, transfer, as well as selecting egg quality during incubation and upon arrival. “To efficiently guarantee the incubation process, temperature is a key factor for successful incubation and chick quality,” says Kroetz.

Optimal male management
Another topic of great interest to Latin American growers is male reproductive health and efficiency, which was addressed by Aviagen Brazil Technical Service Manager Marco Aurélio Romagnole de Araújo. “This target is met with adequate nutrition and good daily weight gain, healthy development, among other measures,” explained Araújo. He added that close monitoring of bird development at all stages and collection and analysis of the data is “paramount to achieving good results.”

Nutrition is key
Aviagen Nutrition Specialist Emilio Cura approached the topic of effective management from a nutrition standpoint. “Flock uniformity in all phases of production has a great impact, and a consistent, well-balanced, energy-packed diet is key to producing high-performance birds with good welfare.” He also emphasized the importance of flock managers fully understanding the unique needs of their breed.

Promoting a common goal
Luiz Mansano, Commercial Manager for Aviagen Brazil, concluded, “Santa Catarina is a main poultry hub for Brazil, and the exhibition held in this important state brings together thought leaders, decision makers, and poultry producers. We all share a common goal to promote industry mission to provide Latin America and the world with healthy, sustainable chicken meat.”