Aviagen Shares Newest Incubation and Hatchery Knowledge with Colombia Poultry Producers

Group gathers for Colombia Incubation Seminar 2022

Aviagen is committed to strengthening customer success with the latest developments to promote bird health and productivity

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® invests heavily in research and development, and regularly shares the latest findings to help poultry producers continuously improve bird quality, health and welfare. Based on recent incubation and hatchery developments, on Aug. 24, Aviagen Colombia and members of the Global Incubation and Hatchery Services team hosted an informative seminar to help Colombian broiler and breeder farmers give chicks the best start to life.

Welcoming customers to the meeting was Gerardo Vesga, General Manager for Aviagen Colombia. Carlos Fernando Prada Owen, Technical Services Assistant for PS, first addressed the group on effective ways to produce hatchable eggs for high-quality chicks. Next, Aline Kuntze Ferreira, Aviagen Global Incubation Services, led a discussion on the storage of fertile eggs and healthy embryonic development. Jhon Jairo Mejía Rodríguez, Technical Services Assistant for Hatchery, then spoke on best practices during incubation and birth, and Ferreira gave advice on the best ways to transport baby chicks for optimal welfare. The event concluded with a roundtable discussion and counted with more than 70 attendees.

“Chick health, welfare and performance begin in the incubator and hatchery,” remarked Andrés Parra Díaz. “Aviagen is committed to the success of our customers. Sharing the very latest in incubation and hatchery management helps our customers maximize the full genetic potential of their flocks. This knowledge will strengthen their ability to produce healthy, sustainable and affordable chicken meat for families in Colombia and throughout around the world.”