Aviagen Showcases "Ross 308 AP: Results You Can Clearly See" at Brazil South Poultry Symposium and Poultry Fair

Aviagen and Nucleovet team members

Aviagen demonstrates a commitment to Brazilian agriculture during SBSA and Brazil South Poultry Fair 2021

CAMPINAS, Brazil – During April 5-7, Aviagen® teamed up with West Center of Veterinary and Zootechnical Physicians (Nucleovet) to sponsor the 22nd annual Southern Brazil Poultry Symposium (Brasil Sul de Avicultura) (SBSA) and 13th Brazil South Poultry Fair. Nucleovet is one of Brazil’s most active organizations in providing knowledge that is vital to the country’s poultry, swine and cattle industries. The events took place in person during in Chapecó, Santa Catarina, Brazil. For those who were unable to attend, sessions were complemented by a live-streamed online transmission, along with information and news from the Brazilian poultry sector.

A regular sponsor of SBSA, Aviagen transported attendees to and from the show. “One of our top Aviagen corporate commitments is ‘transparency, communication and engagement,’ and this special service provides one of many opportunities to engage with our customers and industry allies,” commented Luiz Mansano, Commercial Manager of Aviagen Brazil.

SBSA was also an ideal venue to roll out Aviagen Latin America’s new campaign, “Ross® 308 AP, results you can clearly see,” explained Fábio Carnevale, Marketing Manager of Aviagen in Latin America. “It is important for Aviagen to remain transparent with our customers and society, and this initiative helps us showcase the ever-advancing production performance and efficiency, as well as health and welfare, of the Ross 308 AP. Stay tuned for exciting marketing actions and activities in the coming year.”

“The data, along with customer feedback, are proof points that the Ross 308 AP delivers high value to the entire production chain, combining excellence in performance, health and welfare with affordability,” commented Marco Aurélio Romagnole Araújo, Technical Services Manager at Aviagen in Brazil.

At the event, Aviagen invited agronomist Hirã Azevedo Gomes to present a lecture on pre-production management. Aviagen Regional Technical Service Supervisor Barbara Vargas moderated the presentation and question-and-answer session at the end.

Ensuring the best on-farm results

With an aim to bring innovation, interaction and technology to the poultry sector, Nucleovet organized 16 symposium lectures with renowned professionals from the poultry sector. On April 7, Aviagen Brazil’s Regional Technical Services Supervisor and Broiler Specialist Rodrigo Tedesco Guimarães engaged with attendees on a discussion of “Heating and air quality at the start of a chick’s life.” He emphasized the importance of good ventilation, air quality and temperature control to the welfare of birds.

“Tools such as minimum and transition ventilation and others are important in achieving optimal comfort and welfare for the birds, regardless of the outside environment, the time of day, or season of the year,” according to Tedesco. “In the end, good stockmanship that focuses on ventilation management will help birds attain their full genetic potential, leading to economic sustainability for poultry businesses.”

Mansano reported that feedback from the event was very positive. "From the quality of Rodrigo’s discussion and event moderation, to the new marketing campaign and transportation service, attendees seemed to appreciate our contributions,” he said. “We value any opportunity to gather with our customers and industry colleagues, exchange the latest information and ideas on current hot topics, and further strengthen our relationships.”

Rodrigo Tedesco presents at the event

On April 7, Tedesco presented on how to reach maximum environmental control