Aviagen Underscores Importance of Incubation, Nutrition and Management at ACAV Online Symposium 2021

CAMPINAS, Brazil – During Sept. 20-22, Aviagen® Latin America participated in the online Symposium of Technical Qualification: Incubation, Broiler Production and Nutrition. Organized by the Santa Catarina Poultry Association (ACAV) and sponsored by Aviagen, the event brought together poultry professionals from across Brazil to discuss the latest issues affecting the industry and proven ways to optimize bird performance, health and welfare.

On the first day of the event, Aviagen welcomed an audience of more than 600 to a parallel session on “Strengthening the quality of day-old chicks,” with Aviagen Brazil’s Regional Supervisor of Technical Services Felipe Kroetz Neto addressing the crucial incubation aspects and Global Nutrition Specialist Emilio Cura presenting the nutritional side of giving chicks a good start to life.

On Sept. 22 in the main room of the webinar, Aviagen Brazil’s Manager of Technical Services Marco Aurélio Araújo led a discussion on "Management of breeding males for high performance.”

Improving chick quality

Cura spoke on the contribution of proper nutrition to optimal flock performance, health and welfare. “Adequate nutrition, including the right balance of macro- and micronutrients, is key to maximizing hatchability, the birds’ immune system and livability, while improving meat quality and yield,” he explained. “A good-quality chick will impact broiler performance in terms of quality in the field and in processing, which makes an investment in nutrition an investment in quality.”

Following Cura’s nutrition presentation, Neto covered sound ways to ensure quality incubation, paying attention to the entire process and not just the hatch. “Each link in the chain works to build an excellent flock, and in the process it is important to take into account factors such as specific gravity, egg storage, shell temperature, timing of in ovo vaccination, hatch window, moisture loss, turning, thermal comfort and chick yield.”

For Neto, “analyzing the quality of the birds is essential for the incubation process. Thoroughness is critical, so a broad examination for issues such as leg injuries and good umbilical healing is important to ensure excellence in production.”

Effective managing the breeding male

On Sept. 22, on the webinar’s main stage, Araújo shared his expertise on how to achieve the best results with breeding males. “It is necessary to maintain an optimal number roosters to ensure the best quality of coverage for the females. In addition, it is always important to remember that nutritional quality is the greatest contributor to male fertility.”

For Luiz Mansano, commercial manager of Aviagen in Brazil, the event was a success. “Aviagen is dedicated to the poultry industry in Brazil and worldwide, and we believe in allying with our industry colleagues to help our producers feed the world with a nutritious, quality protein. We look forward to furthering our great collaboration with ACAV in promoting the industry through research and development, while exchanging information to promote bird health, well-being and performance.”