Breeding for Welfare and Sustainability and Global Reach, Local Touch were Aviagen Highlights at SIAVS 2022

The Aviagen team at SIAVS 2022

Aviagen sales and customer service team at Brazil's largest poultry and swine show

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America’s sales and customer service teams were pleased to welcome customers and visitors to SIAVS, Brazil’s biggest poultry and swine exhibition, which took place Aug. 9-11 in São Paulo (SP) and was the first in-person SIAVS event in three years.

Aviagen saw the show as a unique opportunity to discuss with customers and industry colleagues the company’s commitment to the future of Latin American poultry, which comes to life in its “breeding for welfare and sustainability” strategy. Aviagen also explained how its recent and ongoing investment in Brazil is serving to strengthen its local touch, securing the supply of robust breeding stock to Ross® 308 AP producers amid a rapidly growing market for healthy chicken meat. Ross 308 AP birds are popular among Latin American growers due to their unmatched feed efficiency, environmental hardiness, healthy growth rate and strong livability.

Supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger and Climate Action

President of Aviagen Latin America Ivan Pupo Lauandos underscored the company’s commitment to expanding its Latin American reach. The goal is to keep up with a growing market demand, while also equipping customers with everything they need to continually supply their local societies with healthy chicken meat.

"We recently announced projects totaling R$ 250 million ($49 million USD) to increase the Parent Stock production capacity of our operations in Brazil. This brings our total five-year investment to R$ 510 million ($99 million USD) to build up our breeding operations in the country. As a testament to our commitment to the market in Latin America amid a growing popularity for Ross 308 AP birds, we plan to keep up our heavy investment in the region for the foreseeable future,” said Lauandos.

Luiz Mansano, Commercial Manager for Aviagen Brazil, added that Aviagen’s commitment to “breeding for welfare and sustainability” is also an important part of helping to feed the world in a balanced, responsible way.

“Due to a balanced breeding approach, we simultaneously advance bird welfare, performance and sustainability traits,” commented Mansano. “In fact, through balanced breeding, we have accomplished a 1.5 to 2-point-per-year FCR improvement over past decades, contributing a 1% year-on-year reduction in the carbon footprint of the global poultry industry.”

Further putting into practice its commitment to environmental sustainability, Aviagen has invested in one of the largest environmental protection programs for the Amazon biome, the JBS Fund for the Amazon. “Our intention is to support initiatives that seek solutions for a better future for the planet and its people,” Lauandos explained.

SIAVS – Opportunity for sharing

Aviagen is also committed to the future of the poultry industry, and takes every opportunity to share the latest knowledge. Aviagen experts presented at two parallel sessions during SIAVS.

Aviagen Latin America Veterinarian and Technical Support Manager Mário Sérgio Assayag Junior spoke on “Hatchery management without the use of performance-enhancing antimicrobials” during an event organized by the Apinco Foundation for Poultry Science and Technology (FACTA). According to Assayag, the best way to boost profitability of poultry production is by maximizing the birds’ genetic potential through optimal nutrition and careful management of environment and housing conditions.

Later in the IncubaForum session, Aviagen Brazil’s Regional Supervisor of Technical Services and Incubation Specialist Felipe Kroetz Neto offered advice on "How to make the most of incubation data for chick quality” by optimizing current technology.