Cargill Colombia Exceeds 500 EPEF with Ross 308 AP Broilers

Cargill Aviagen Colombia

Aviagen recognizes valued customer at meeting in Bucaramanga

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America customers are continuing to achieve remarkable results with their Ross® 308 AP birds. One outstanding success story is that of one of the main broiler producers in Colombia, Cargill (Pollos El Bucanero) whose flocks at Alegría farm soared to a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) of 514.72, while their Simití farm reached a peak EPEF of 496.74. These outstanding outcomes are proof of the excellent Ross 308 AP genetics combined with the dedication, teamwork and top-notch management skills of Aviagen’s valued customers.

Cargill Colombia team members with certificatesBecause of the company’s commitment to rewarding excellence, Aviagen Colombia had the opportunity on April 18 in Bucaramanga to award Cargill. There to congratulate its customer from the Aviagen team were General Manager Gerardo Vesga, Sales and Technical Services Manager Andrés Parra, and Technical Services Assistant John Gaete. Representing Cargill Antonio Kalinowski, Director of Live Operations from Cargill Protein Latin America; José Alejandro Fonseca Garro, Director of Live Operations from Pollos El Bucanero Colombia; and all support staff from Orient regional.

Cargill Colombia team members with certificates"We are extremely honored to receive recognition for the exceptional performance from our farms, and its world-class results. Proud in addition to the passion and great talent of our team, in supporting the outstanding performance, efficiency, and robustness of the Ross 308 AP product, and very grateful for the close collaboration with the Aviagen teams, especially the experts from Aviagen Colombia," remarked Kalinowski.

Cargill Colombia team members with certificatesVesga emphasized the crucial role of the cooperation between Aviagen and Cargill in driving results into success. "We value our long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with Cargill at both the regional and global levels. We remain committed to working closely with Cargill to provide them with the support they need to maintain their outstanding high level of excellence, ensuring their ability to provide delicious, healthy, and affordable chicken meat to families in Colombia and beyond. We are extremely proud of their work ethic and dedication to achieving excellence, and we extend our warmest congratulations to both farms on these remarkable achievements."