Knowledge and Idea Sharing Featured at Aviagen and Ariztía Gathering in Chile

the team at Arizitia gathering

With field visits and conferences, the event marked the sharing ideas

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® team was pleased to meet with valued team from Ariztía poultry company during the week of May 16-20 in Chile. The goal was to create a plan to continually strengthen the health, welfare and performance of Ross® 308 AP throughout the supply chain by applying the most current and effective management practices. Aviagen Latin America signed an agreement in late 2019 to supply grandparent (GP) stock for Ariztía.

Relevant and impactful conversations

Due to the efforts of poultry producers, the popularity of Ross birds has steadily increased, as more and more poultry producers come to know the proven Ross 308 AP breeder and broilers advantages of excellent feed conversion, environmental resilience, healthy growth rate, exceptional egg and chick numbers, and good meat yield.

The Ariztía hosts received the Aviagen delegation with a full agenda of activities, including GP, breeder and broiler farm visits, followed by discussions led by Aviagen South America excluding Brazil (SAEB) Technical Service Managers.

Sharing knowledge on management, results and opportunities for improvement, Pablo Schnettler focused on GP birds, while Rodrigo D'Amen highlighted reproductive health and Santiago Lovera provided insight on best practices for broilers. Mario Sérgio Assayag, Technical Support Manager for Latin America, concluded the sessions by exploring antibiotic-free production in broilers.

Feedback from the teams

Aviagen SAEB Head of Technical Services Osvaldo Bolinaga commented that “while Pablo Schnettler supported Ariztia personally during the pandemics, the face-to-face meeting with SAEB team and Ariztía colleagues was a reason for celebration, exchanging ideas on continuous improvement in management and review opportunities.”

For Claudio Spoerer, Poultry Production Manager of Ariztía, "these were days of intense collaboration with the excellent customer services teams of Aviagen and Ariztía. I can truly say that we learned from one another while sharing the latest developments in the poultry meat sector. This meeting reinforces the conviction that, step by step, we are moving forward and consolidating our relationship.”

Luis Cesio, Business Manager of Aviagen SAEB, added that Aviagen has a strong commitment to Ariztía, as well as all Aviagen Latin America customers. "We work side by side with them to strengthen their success in a competitive market. Ross 308 AP, along with the Yield Plus Male (YPM) performance male, has the right blend of characteristics to maximize the economic sustainability of our customers for now and into the future," he concluded.