New Aviagen GGP Farm Construction in Brazil on Fast Track to Completion

With this 3rd breeder farm to produce GPS, Aviagen continues Latin American investment to secure supply amid a rapidly rising demand for Ross 308 AP birds

Aerial view of Aviagen's new facility in Brazil

Aerial view of Aviagen's new facility in Brazil

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Progress on the construction of a new Aviagen® Great Grandparent (GGP) poultry farm in São Paulo state, Brazil, is moving ahead at full speed. When it is completed in July 2023, the new farm will produce and supply Ross® 308 AP Grandparent (GP) and Parent Stock (PS) to customers in Brazil and throughout Latin America, especially South America. Representing a $15 million USD (R$70 million) investment, the new modern farm will integrate the very latest innovations in biosecurity, sustainability and performance. The first chicks will be hatched in August of 2023, and the first GPs will be available on the market in March 2024.

The high demand for Ross 308 AP breeding stock continues in Latin America, as more and more farmers realize the bird’s comprehensive benefits that increase their bottom line and help them meet a growing need for healthy, affordable and readily available chicken meat. The new farm joins two others, located in Redenção da Serra and Natividade da Serra, both in the state of São Paulo, increasing Aviagen Latin America’s production capacity and helping to meet an expanding need in the region and beyond.

Putting into a practice a commitment to health, food safety and food security

The new GGP farm, located in Sarutaiá, in the west of the state of São Paulo, was chosen for its isolated, remote location away from other animal and human populations, which is essential to biosecurity. “Health, food safety and food security” is a top commitment for Aviagen, and physical separation is one of multiple measures the company takes to protect its high-generation breeding stock and thus keep pathogens out of the food chain. For more on Aviagen’s unparalleled biosecurity program, please visit the company web site.

“We are committed to our customers and work side-by-side with them to overcome their daily challenges and help them optimize the genetic potential of their Ross birds. Expanding our production bases in Brazil is one way we can ensure their supply of quality, robust GPS and PS” said Leandro München, General Manager of Aviagen in Brazil.

“Our third GGP farm in Brazil and Latin America is the result of Aviagen's clear strategy: to safely supply the volume of GPS and PS that our customers need to feed families in their growing local communities. Aviagen plans to continue this high level of investment in Latin America for the foreseeable future, as the market demand for nutritious and popular chicken meat, continues to climb,” added Ivan Pupo Lauandos, president of Aviagen Latin America.