Outdoing Excellence: Brazil’s Ross Breeder Performance Awards

Logo remiacaoCAMPINAS, Brazil – Ross® 308 AP producers continue to push the envelope on breeder performance. In November and December, the Aviagen® Latin America team recognized their tremendous efforts, presenting awards to 16 customer teams at their farms and facilities throughout Brazil. The results were evaluated for these categories based on results from 2021 flocks:

• Total eggs per hen housed for the highest number of hatching eggs per hen housed to 66 weeks

• Total chicks per hen housed for the most chicks produced per hen housed to 66 weeks

Aviagen presented customers with plaques, gifts and chickens cast in gold, silver and bronze, respectively, for the first-, second- and third-place winners; in some cases, the winning companies tied. The scores were categorized according to the regions of Brazil: a general National category, along with the South, Southeast and Central/West/Northeast regions.

And the winners are…

Total eggs per hen housed

Region Place Company Score
National Gold – 1st Nutrifrango 223.5
  Silver – 2nd Natto Alimentos 215.5
  Silver – 2nd Grupo Alvorada 215.3
  Bronze – 3rd Granja Pinheiros 214.3
  Bronze – 3rd Guaraves 214.1
South Gold – 1st Nutrifrango 223.5
  Silver – 2nd Granja Pinheiros 214.3
  Bronze – 3rd Lar Cooperativa 212.9
  Bronze – 3rd Aurora Coop 212.7
  Bronze – 3rd Aurora Coop 212.6
  Bronze – 3rd Nutrifrango 212.6
  Bronze – 3rd CVale 212.5
Southeast Gold – 1st Grupo Alvorada 215.3
  Silver – 2nd Granja São José 211.6
  Bronze – 3rd Pole Alimentos/Regina 210.8
  Bronze – 3rd Rivelli Alimentos 210.5
  Bronze – 3rd Avivar 210.5
Central/West/Northeast Gold – 1st Natto Alimentos 215.5
  Silver – 2nd Guaraves 214.1
  Bronze – 3rd Pluma Agroavícola 211.4
  Bronze – 3rd Natto Alimentos 211.0

Total chicks per hen housed

Region Place Company Score
National Gold – 1st Aurora Coop 176.4
  Silver – 2nd Lar Cooperativa 175.6
  Bronze – 3rd Guaraves 173.5
  Bronze – 3rd Rivelli Alimentos 173.2
South Gold – 1st Aurora Coop 176.4
  Silver – 2nd Lar Cooperativa 175.6
  Bronze – 3rd Nutrifrango 172.7
Southeast Gold – 1st Rivelli Alimentos 173.2
  Silver – 2nd Pif Paf Alimentos 170.4
  Silver – 2nd Rivelli Alimentos 170.2
  Bronze – 3rd Grupo Neto 169.9
  Bronze – 3rd Pif Paf Alimentos 169.5
  Bronze – 3rd Grupo Neto 169.4
Central/West/Northeast Gold – 1st Guaraves 173.5
  Silver – 2nd Mauricéa Alimentos 167.5
  Bronze – 3rd Natto Alimentos 166.4

“We congratulate this year’s Ross 308 AP Breeder Performance Award winners. The level of accomplishment demonstrated by this year’s winners is possible through expert management, teamwork and attention detain, enabling the genetic potential of the Ross 308 AP to shine. Each year our customers look forward to our Ross Breeder Performance Awards, which have become a tradition in Brazil,” commented Aviagen Latin America Marketing Manager Fábio Carnevale.

“We are proud of our customers, who work hard each day to feed their local families with a healthy, affordable and sustainable source of protein. Their stellar results are an example to producers in Brazil and beyond of the breeder performance possible with the Ross 308 AP,” shared Aviagen's Commercial Manager in Brazil, Luiz Mansano.

“We are excited to congratulate these high achievers, many of whom have been repeat winners wince the launch of the award in 2019 the past three year. The popularity of the Ross 308 AP continues to soar in Brazil and Latin America, as it continues to meet market demands and thrive in our local growing conditions,” concluded Marco Aurélio Araújo, Technical Services Manager for Aviagen Brazil.

Enthusiastic responses from award winners

The 2021 Breeder Awards were met with enthusiasm by the winning companies (in alphabetical order):

Aurora Coop

Breeder Award Winner: Aurora Coop"This award from Aviagen is very important for Aurora Coop, because it crowns our work done throughout the year and that involves all areas of the company. For the producers, the award is motivation, because it shows their work is on the right track. To achieve a record like this, everything needs to work out, and, thanks to the efforts of the Aviagen team, we were able to achieve results like these. We thank you and hope there will be more to come" – Marcos Lopes, Hatchery and Breeder Manager, Aurora Coop.


Breeder Award Winner: Avivar“We at Avivar are proud to receive this award from Aviagen. It represents the effort of a dedicated team that has passion for what we do. This is a special moment that enhances our brand and motivates us to strive for even better results. I would like to thank everyone who is part of this accomplishment!" – Leonardo Ruiz, Hatchery and Breeder Manager, Avivar.


Breeder Award Winner: CVale"Receiving the award for one of the best results in egg production was extremely gratifying and of great importance, both for CVale and for our employees who worked hard each day to give the best care to our birds. The recognition motivates us to continue to grow, further improving performance and success for our cooperative” – Charles Grokorriski, Breeder and Hatchery Manager, CVale.

Granja Pinheiros

Breeder Award Winner: Granja Pinheiros“Thanks to the commitment of the whole team, we have reached a high level of production performance. It is a great satisfaction to win these awards, and we will work hard to improve even more” – Antoninho Migliavacca, Director, Granja Pinheiros.

Granja São José

Breeder Award Winner: Granja Sao Jose“By combining Aviagen’s high-performing, robust broiler breeding stock, with the management knowledge and skills of our team, we are able to achieve top breeder performance, health and welfare. These will all contribute to the ability of poultry producers to nourish our societies with healthy and sustainable chicken meat” – André de Araujo, Owner, Granja Sao José.

Grupo Alvorada

Breeder Award Winner: Grupo Alvorada“This award from Aviagen – an ally of Alvorada Group with genetics that provide a favorable return on our investment – is the result of our skillful team that emphasizes results and good management. The efforts of our team combine with the excellent Ross 308 AP genetic potential to achieve these extraordinary numbers – a reason to celebrate. Our goal is to reach even greater heights in the performance, health and welfare of our flocks” – André Pessamilio, Production Director, Grupo Alvorada.

Grupo Neto

Breeder Award Winner: Grupo Neto“We are proud that our flocks have been awarded for the fourth consecutive year, proving that our team is on the right track. All our field staff deserves our congratulations, a team that is present on a daily basis to give the best care to our eggs and chicks. I want to thank Aviagen's team and the support they give our flocks" – João Marcelo Alves, Breeder Manager, Grupo Neto.


Breeder Award Winner: Guaraves“This flock award represents the hard work of the entire Guaraves team, as well as gains in production efficiency for our company. Guaraves leverages innovation to achieve excellence and efficiency from the headquarters, to the hatchery, to the field. Our hard work, combined with the outstanding genetics of the Ross bird, has helped us obtain these results.” – Angelo Rios, Director of Biological Assets, Guaraves.

Lar Cooperativa

Breeder Award Winner: Cooperativa Lar"This award has an important role in the achievement of goals, planning, and dreams, because it is the result of the work of many families and employees. It represents the success of the company's investments and teams, and this result brings us a challenge: to seek even better results, to have flock management gains with cost reduction and performance. With this recognition, we are on the right track to improve even more” – Sergio Lenz, Manager of Poultry Production, Lar Cooperativa.

Mauricéa Alimentos

Breeder Award Winner: Mauricea Alimentos“Congratulations to Aviagen organizing this successful award program. We receive the recognition of our work with great pride, knowing we are contributing to optimizing the breeder performance potential of the Ross bird. For the team, it is an honor to see that their daily efforts are important and, even more, recognized." – Luciano Simões, Production Director, Mauricéa Alimentos.

Natto Alimentos

Breeder Award Winner: Natto Alimentos“This award is a recognition, not only of our company, but of the whole team involved in the day-to-day efforts. Our operation demands dedication from everyone in order to obtain results, and we accept nothing less than quality. I want to thank Aviagen for the years of collaboration and mutual respect!” – Eduardo Brasileiro, Agribusiness Manager, Natto Alimentos.


Breeder Award Winner: Nutrifrango“We had an excellent year and the Nutrifrango team celebrates our results with joy. We want to thank Aviagen for the support. With the good genetics of the Ross 308 AP, we achieve better and better results. We are a team prepared for challenges, we take care of people, we give opportunities, and we follow the recommendations of Aviagen's customer service team. We have you to thank, because aviculture begins with the choice of bird genetics” – Pedro Luis Utzig, Owner, Nutrifrango.

Pif Paf Alimentos

Breeder Award Winner: Pif Paf“We thank Aviagen for the award, which represents the determination, dedication, and excellence of our team. The recognition inspires us to work even harder and achieve even better results, to keep surprising our customers and creating a healthier life for thousands of families" – Rodrigo Diniz, Field Production Poultry Minas Gerais state, Pif Paf Alimentos.

Pluma Agroavícola

Breeder Award Winner: Pluma Cassilandia"We are extremely proud and thankful for this recognition of our hard work. As the production of eggs and day-old chicks is a daily job, this achievement confirms that we are on the right track in reaching the maximum genetic potential with Aviagen birds.” – Diogo Garcia, Unit Manager, Pluma Cassilândia

Pole Alimentos/Regina

Breeder Award Winner: Pole Alimentos"We receive this award from Aviagen with great honor. It recognizes a job well done by our people, who continually challenge ourselves to reach the top level of results.” – Victor Lima, Director, Pole Alimentos/Granja Regina.

Rivelli Alimentos

Breeder Award Winner: Rivelli Alimentos“We are honored to accept this award, which is a credit to the work of the entire Rivelli Alimentos team in collaboration with Aviagen – a strong relationship that has lasted for many years. We are reaping the results of much effort and dedication from everyone involved." – Carlos Rivelli, Owner, Rivelli Alimentos.