Seminars Reinforce Aviagen’s Commitment to Key Player in Colombian Poultry

Colombia Seminar Group Photos

Events in Bucaramanga, Bogota and Palmira focus on nutrition and management advice to maximize performance and welfare of Ross 308 AP

CAMPINAS, Brasil – Colombia is a rising star in poultry production and a strategically important region for Aviagen®. To demonstrate its commitment to this important emerging market, at the end of May, Aviagen Colombia hosted a series of management seminars, held in three different cities: Bucaramanga, Bogota and Palmira. The objective of each event was to share valuable flock management developments to help poultry producers to optimize the health, efficiency and performance of Ross® 308 AP birds.

Aviagen Latin America Regional Technical Manager Mario Sergio Assayag collaborated with Aviagen Colombia's Sales and Technical Services Manager, Andrés Parra Díaz, to tailor the program to the unique needs of Colombian poultry producers, and management and nutrition topics were presented by Aviagen experts. These speakers included Nutritionist Dr. Emilio Cura; Breeding experts Dr. Carlos Prada and Dr. Felipe Martínez; Incubation Specialist Dr. Jhon Jairo Mejía; and Broiler experts Dr. Marcus Briganó and Dr. John Alexander Gaete.

Attended by close to 360 breeder, hatchery and broiler professionals from the major Colombian poultry companies, the seminars highlighted the role of poultry breeding in achieving continuous improvement in animal welfare and sustainability. This genetic potential is maximized in the field through skillful flock management and optimally balanced nutrition. “Good genetics and best management practices combine to enable Ross 308 AP poultry producers to obtain the highest number of viable, high-quality chicks at the breeder level and optimal productivity and welfare in broilers,” said Andrés Parra Díaz.

"Colombia has become one of the largest poultry meat producers, and this progress is due in part to the dedication and hard work of our valued customers. We are grateful to them, and design is due to these opportunities for idea and knowledge sharing to promote their businesses and their ability to feed their communities with nutritious, accessible and affordable protein,” added Gerardo Vesga, General Manager of Aviagen Colombia.

Colombia Seminar Group Photos