Third Brazil GGP Farm Fortifies Aviagen Latin America’s Production Base Amid Accelerating Need for Ross 308 AP Birds

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America continues its journey to secure the supply of robust Grandparent (GP) and Parent Stock (PS) to Ross® 308 AP customers. Early last year, the company announced a $15 million USD (R$ 80 million) investment in what would become its third great-grandparent (GGP) poultry breeding stock farm in Latin America. Now scheduled for completion in June, the new state-of-the-art farm in Sarutaiá, São Paulo, Brazil, will begin providing GP birds to customers in Brazil, South America and throughout Latin America beginning in January 2024.

Granja Aviagen SarutaiaBecause biosecurity is a foremost priority for Aviagen, the farm’s location in Sarutaiá, in western São Paulo state, was strategically chosen for its remoteness, geographically isolated from other bird populations and animal transit routes. It will join the two existing Brazilian GGP operations in Redenção da Serra and Natividade da Serra, both in Sao Paulo state, Brazil, and integrate the very latest innovations for heightened biosecurity, bird welfare and performance.

“Built with construction quality, sustainability and innovation in mind, the new farm represents a new direction in poultry farming. It will also help stimulate the local economy and agriculture, bringing jobs and business to the area," said Leandro München, Aviagen's Operations Director in Brazil.

"The inauguration of our new GGP farm in Sarutaiá is important and relevant for the entire poultry industry in South America, as a majority of chicken meat production in the region originates from our great-grandparent farms. With higher production quality and capacity, the farm will enable us to keep up with an increasing need for Ross breeding stock, especially in South America," added Ivan Lauandos, President of Aviagen in Latin America. "Our strategy is to continue our high investment in Latin America for the foreseeable future, enabling our customers to feed our Latin American families with nutritious, affordable chicken meat.”