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  • Ross Best Practice on the Farm: Water Chlorination During Production

    Water disinfection during production is an integral part of a good flock management program. Controlling bacterial contamination and biofilm formation in the drinking system is key to reducing bird exposure to harmful organisms and minimizing the spread of disease. If allowe… Leia mais

  • Como... Incubação 1 - 11

    Os How To são projetados para serem simples, voltar aos documentos básicos descrevendo áreas de gerenciamento críticas, sua importância e como alcançá-los. Este conjunto de Incubatórios How To descreve os procedimentos básicos de controle de qualidade no incubatório. A obten… Leia mais

  • Como... Serviços Veterinários 1-3

    A série "Como..." foi projetada para ser simples, retornando ao básico e descrevendo áreas críticas de manejo, suas importâncias e como alcançá-las. "Como... Serviços Veterinários" fornece orientações sobre as principais práticas e técnicas de manejo em serviços veterinários… Leia mais

  • Poster: Sustainable Broiler Production

    When compared to 2003, the 2018 broiler has improved in the areas of energy use, global warming potential, pollution potential,and water and land use. The modern broiler is also more biologically efficient, with improved FCR and yield. Leia mais

  • Ross Note: Feed Sanitation

    The purpose of this document is to review the heat treatment of poultry feeds in terms of the specifications required to ensure decontamination and the types of equipment that can be successfully employed. Leia mais

  • Aviagen Brief: Water Utilization in Broilers

    Ensuring broilers optimize their water intake not only promotes the sustainability of broiler production through its influence on energy (ventilation) and water use, but also maximizes broiler health, welfare, and production. The routine on-farm recording of water intake is … Leia mais

  • Ross Note: Histomoniasis

    With the ban on many of the drugs used to fight the disease, and changes in animal husbandry like reusing litter and/or increased stocking density, blackhead has re-emerged in many areas including North America and Europe. The focus for control of blackhead is now on prevent… Leia mais

  • Aviagen Brief: Evaluating Comparative Broiler Performance through Trials

    Carefully planned broiler trials will allow the customer to clearly evaluate the effect of the treatment, be that breed, feed, management procedure or environmental factor, and provide valuable information on product performance. Trial protocols must be designed with a clear… Leia mais

  • Aviagen Top 5 Commitments Infographic

    This infographic highlights Aviagen’s Top 5 Commitments in breeding for welfare and sustainability while supplying global food demand. Leia mais

  • Ross Note: Treatment of Intestinal Worms in Broiler Breeders

    Intestinal worms are commonly diagnosed during necropsy of pullets, cockerels and occasionally broilers. A preventative worming program is suggested in rearing breeders to reduce the incidence and severity of intestinal worms. Leia mais

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