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  • Ross Best Practice in the Broiler House: Biosecurity

    Biosecurity creates hygienic conditions within the poultry house to minimize the adverse effects of disease, optimize bird performance and welfare, and provide assurance on food safety issues. Poor bird health has a negative impact on all aspects of flock management and prod… Leia mais

  • Ross Tech Notes: The Benefits of Floor Feeding (for Optimal Uniformity)

    Achieving the optimal uniformity of parent stock using a well-managed floor feeding system can be accomplished by following management techniques such as maintaining correct litter depth and quality, ensuring proper feed pellet size and texture, managing lights and drinkers,… Leia mais

  • Hatchery Ventilation Essentials

    The eggs in incubators contain living, developing embryos. For them to achieve optimal development, chick quality, and hatchability, they need the correct temperature, humidity, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Oxygen balance. This will only happen if they are in rooms that are c… Leia mais

  • Aviagen Brief: Management of Broiler Breeders to Improve Leg Health During Production

    This article provides management advice, includes descriptions of common leg health issues and offers strategies to improve the leg health of broiler breeders, with a particular emphasis on the production period. Leia mais

  • Ross: Best Practice in the Breeder House: Preventing Floor Eggs

    Eggs laid on the floor (floor eggs) have a significantly higher risk of contamination and will reduce hatch and chick quality. The key to preventing floor eggs is early training of birds to use the nests. This Best Practice document details the key best management practices … Leia mais

  • Ross Tech Notes: Controlling Late Egg Weight in Broiler Breeders

    One of the most difficult tasks of hatching egg producers is to produce optimum egg weights in early production while controlling late egg size in older flocks. As birds age, a gradual increase in egg size is inevitable; however, with proper flock management it is possible t… Leia mais

  • Ross Tech Notes: Hot Season Management of Broiler Breeders in Open-Sided Houses

    One of the most challenging aspects of managing any generation of birds is that of environmental control in open-sided houses. In regions where the hot weather season can see temperatures reaching 40C (104F), it is essential to pay extra attention to bird management. Leia mais

  • Ross Tech Notes: Energy, The Fuel of Life

    Energy is often considered the “Fuel of Life”. Primarily it is needed for maintaining basic metabolism (maintenance energy). This article is an attempt to provide a flock manager with some tools to use when making decisions on feeding energy to a breeder flock. Leia mais

  • Ross Hatching Egg Shell Quality Pocket Guide

    This document is a practical, on-farm tool aimed at helping farmers identify hatching egg shell issues. For each egg shell abnormality there is a picture showing what the abnormality looks like, which is linked to a table detailing the causes and solutions associated with th… Leia mais

  • Ross Tech Notes: Incubating Eggs at High Altitudes

    A hatchery which is sited at high altitude (1500 meters (4921 feet) or more above sea level) faces some particular challenges;  slower embryo growth, longer incubation periods and lower hatchability have to be expected. With better understanding of the principles involved, p… Leia mais

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